A Year of God’s Faithfulness in the Midst of Transition – Healing Spring Christian Ministries

This has been an exciting and significant year of transition for Healing Spring. God continued to show us His incredible goodness and ‘new things’ began to be birthed.

We began 2017 facing the reality that at the end of May we would be losing the use of the Centre Point building. Centre Point served as the home for our ministry for nearly 5 years. What a blessing Centre Point has been to us! We witnessed so many incredible healings in that space during our Wednesday night prayer sessions as well as during our healing classes. We have been blessed to experience how the love and power of God is poured out in even greater measure when the Body of Christ ministers in unity.

As we pondered our ministry future post-Centre Point, our regular ministry activities continued as usual. In January, we (Bruce and Shay) returned to Madagascar for three weeks of ministering the healing love of the Father to the missionaries, staff and children at the Iris Ministries base in the capital of Antananarivo. God brought incredible healing and freedom to many, and they were eager for us to return again. You can view some video testimonies from the Iris staff about our time there by visiting our Youtube page here.

Immediately upon our return from Madagascar, Bruce led Healing and Prophetic Prayer – Level II over two weekends. Then in February we (Bruce and Shay) attended a Fatherheart ‘B’ School in San Diego, where we received a deeper revelation and impartation of the Father’s love.

In April, Healing Spring co-hosted an event with Church of the Messiah called Chains Be Broken: Understanding the Effects of Pornography and Working Towards a Solution. This all-day conference was designed to educate and equip the church on the problem of pornography addiction. The event featured Wheaton College professor William Struthers, blogger Jessica Harris and award-winning contemporary Christian musical artist Audrey Assad. The conference ended with an evening concert by Audrey. The event was very well received, and we pray that our local churches will now have greater freedom to address this huge problem.

Meanwhile, in May, Healing Spring hosted a Fatherheart ‘A’ School in Queensbury. The school proved to be a transformational time for many of those who attended as the Father brought incredible healing and freedom to people’s hearts. We were all deeply blessed by the teaching of Leonard Hays and Trevor Galpin, who shared the heart of the Father with us.

Fatherheart A School, May 2017 Class

As our team began to pray about Healing Spring’s future in light of the impending loss of Centre Point, God began to prepare our hearts for some additional changes He desired to bring to the ministry. We felt led to enter with our team into a 3-month period of prayer and discernment to seek God’s direction for Healing Spring’s future. As a result of those three months, we (Bruce and Shay) felt led step away from the running of Healing Spring’s local prayer ministry and to begin focusing more on our mission efforts and to immerse ourselves further in the Fatherheart revelation. We were thrilled when team members Peter and Connie Bondzinski offered to take on the running of Healing Spring’s local ministry, and we appointed them to leadership at the end of August.

Connie & Peter Bondzinski, volunteering at Schoolapalooza 2017


In September we (Bruce and Shay) flew to the other side of the world to attend a three-month Fatherheart Ministries’ Inheriting the Nations school in New Zealand. During this time, we delved even more deeply in to the Father’s heart and experienced so much more of the Father’s love in our own hearts. We hope to share more of this revelation at home and abroad in the months and years ahead. We were grateful for the leadership of Peter and Connie Bondzinski, who ensured that Healing Spring’s local prayer ministry continued to run smoothly. They were able to secure a new temporary location for our Wednesday night prayer ministry at Church of the Messiah in Glens Falls and are now seeking a new location for 2018.

So what comes next? We (Bruce and Shay) are once again heading back to Madagascar this January to minister to the leaders and children at Iris. During our first week there, we are thrilled to be hosting a week-long Fatherheart ‘A’ School in partnership with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Antananarivo. How exciting it will be to be able to share with the missionaries and locals about the incredible love of God the Father! The goal of ‘A’ Schools is to create an environment, through teaching, soaking and ministry, in which people can experience a deep and personal revelation of the Father’s love for them.

Then, in April, Healing Spring will be hosting another ‘A’ School in Queensbury. The response from our past school was so incredibly positive, and we are eager to share this revelation with more people in our community and region. More details on this ‘A’ School will follow in the days ahead.

Probably our biggest takeaway from 2017 is that the love that our Heavenly Father has for His children is absolutely limitless! He loved us before the creation of the world and eagerly desires for us to know and experience in our hearts the incredible depth of His love. The love the Father has for us is the same love He has for his Son Jesus, which is the love that Jesus so perfectly demonstrated when he gave Himself up for us on the cross. It is the love that now dwells in us forever through the Holy Spirit in us.

As we head into 2018, we desire to follow even more closely the path of love, which Paul called the “most excellent way” (1 Cor. 13). When we are truly rooted and grounded in love (Eph. 3:17) and abide in that love, we bear much fruit and bring glory to the Father (John 15). While we don’t know yet know all that God has in store for 2018, we are eager to walk with him wherever he takes us. We’ll keep you posted along the way.

If you would like to partner with us financially over the year ahead, you can make a tax-deductible donation on our online donation page here. We appreciate your generosity and support, especially as we work towards our $3,500 goal which will allow leaders and children at Iris Ministries to attend the Fatherheart ‘A’ School in January. We deeply appreciate your willingness to help!

Over the coming year we pray that the Father will pour an ever greater measure of his vast and lavish love into your hearts. May the eyes of your hearts be opened to receive the Father’s love and may you be transformed into the very likeness of His Son, glorifying the Father by bearing much fruit as His character and nature is rooted and grows within you. And we pray that you will experience the unsurpassable joy of knowing that you are a beloved son or daughter of an amazingly loving Father!

Warmest Blessings,



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