The House That God Bought (Part 1) (What You Believe, Matters)



Several years ago, I was working with a client on the law of
attraction, teaching her how to manifest the things that she wanted in her
life. At the end of one of our sessions, I suggested we put the law to the
test. I asked her what she wanted to manifest. I reminded her that the “hows”
were not her business, just the “whats”. In other words, her only job at this
point was to be clear with the universe about what she wanted, and to stay out
of trying to figure out how to make that happen or contemplating how it can’t.
After some thought, she clearly stated that she wanted to own her own home. She
wanted to live in West Los Angeles in a home she would love, that was in
perfect shape, in a good neighborhood and one she could afford.

Just to give you a little background, at the time she was a
young woman in her 30s, doing massage therapy on and off, and teaching some
yoga classes occasionally. Her income was both sparse and inconsistent. She had
no real work history to speak of, her credit score wasn’t stellar and she was
self-employed. But you see, Universal law doesn’t care about any of that. It
cares about what you really believe, what you say yes to having, and having the
faith the size of at least a mustard seed  that you can have it.  Before our session ended that day, I reminded
her of that. I said, “Now, get all of your fears, doubts and reasons why you
think you can’t have this out-of-the-way, just say yes and let the universe
present it to you”. She agreed and I proceeded to pray out-loud on her perfect home, declaring
throughout that the Universe was for her, already knew where her perfect home
was and how to give it to her.

A month later, she returned for her regular session. She
told me she had big news and I should sit down. She proceeded to tell me that a
friend of her father’s, who she did not know and had never heard of, had
apparently died. She had just found out that this man had left her father a
house in West Los Angeles in a beautiful neighborhood, and the house was ready
to occupy. Her father already owned a few properties so he decided to give it
to her, along with a good sum of money the man had left him, so she could paint
it and decorate it the way she would like. The house was fully paid for. There
was no mortgage or rent to pay.

God certainly works in mysterious ways, we know
that. But did you know that there is a little man who sits at the Universe’s
order desk that waits patiently for your order, then once you decide what you
want, takes your order and with a little rubber stamp, stamps your request with
a “Yes” every single time? Well, it’s true!! More or less, anyway.

The law of the Universe will respond without judgment to
what you really want, what you believe you can have and are truly willing to
receive. This sounds simplistic and it is. What makes it challenging, is our
belief systems. We get in our own way with our over-use of the mind. With our linear
limited thinking, we decide that something is impossible, or improbable, or
difficult, we don’t deserve it or it’s just not in the cards.
We have all kinds
of reasons why something can’t happen for us. And unfortunately, the Universe
will respond to all of that too. Your beliefs are powerful, and they are either working for you or against you. What’s
the order you are actually submitting? Is it, “I CAN have what I want,” or “I CAN’T have what I want”? Are you a YES or are you a NO? Here’s the trick. Say
yes, get your negative thoughts out of the way….and then let it happen. 

To The Truth That Sets Us All Free,

Donna Gershman ALSP

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