The House That God Bought (Part 2) (When Faith Is Hard to Find)

NOPE! These are just fears born from false beliefs and they have nothing to do with how the Universe actually works. It works according to YOUR beliefs, which you have complete control over, except for the ones you might not be aware of, for instance, the subconscious ones. If you understand how much your beliefs matter, then staying mindful of your thoughts is critical. The real pesky ones are the ones you’re not exactly aware of, but are having field-day in your Consciousness and causing havoc in your life.

So this brings me to the story about “The House That God Bought.” First of all, you should know, it’s my house! God bought it for me! I mean it. It sure as heck wasn’t me. Afterall, I’m a single person living in LA where houses cost a small fortune and I’m a Spiritual Counselor, not Rockefeller. You feeling me? But here’s the thing I do know. None of that matters when you know how to make the Law of the Universe work for you, which I definitely do. And you can too.

Just to keep it real, this did not happen overnight. It took me 17 years to be exact. I rented all those years and never really thought I would ever be able to buy it. When the landlord called one day and said he had to sell it, I almost blew a Spiritual gasket! I couldn’t imagine not being able to live here anymore. I love this place. But, I just could not see how I could do it. The math simply didn’t add up.

The thing is though, God had a different plan. I kept meeting people, strangers who would say the most incredible things to me. One day on an airplane, a woman who was sitting next to me told me that she was a mortgage broker. At this point, I already had no less than 15 mortgage brokers tell me flat out, “NO”. “No Way!” “Sorry” “It ain’t happening” and my favorite one, “Are you dreaming right now?” Well, that one was my mother. Anyway, this woman  (you know who you are) looked at me straight in the eyes and asked me where was my FAITH? She just kept saying, “Oh, it’s going to happen. You’re going to buy that house!” I looked at her like she was on crack. At that moment, as nice as it was to hear, I had to admit she was right, I lacked complete faith. I just could not wrap my mind around the possibility of it happening because I was glued to the linear facts, and I had 15 mortgage brokers confirming I was right.

Then one day the Landlord called me back and said he had to put the sale of the home on the backburner for a while because of a personal issue. I was so relieved. I knew it would eventually circle back around, but for now, I had a slight reprieve from the daily worry of where I was going to move when I couldn’t buy the house!

In that year, things changed in my life. More money came to me. I had a more secure income, and the most important detail of all, I started leaning into other people’s faith because I knew I lacked my own on this issue. Sometimes you have to borrow someone else’s faith and be willing to suspend your own lack of belief, so you can actually get what you want. I was totally willing to be wrong about what I thought I was right about! In other words, if being wrong meant I could get the house, I was down with that.

It’s really amazing when I think about it, just how attached we get to our ideas even when they are self-sabotaging. We would rather have a negative outcome and prove ourselves “right” than to do the inner work necessary to change our thinking. Sometimes, we’ll even fight for “our limiting beliefs” with other people. Just for the record, when you start a sentence with, “you just don’t understand”, you’re probably fighting for your limitations. So I would catch myself saying to people who were trying to encourage me to have faith, things like, “You don’t understand. I’ve had 15 people tell me no. It’s just not happening. Maybe I need to start thinking about moving”. I had turned into my own version of Debbie Downer.

Sometimes, I think we’re afraid to believe. We’re afraid to jump in with both feet and commit to believing something good can happen for us. After all, if it didn’t come to pass, the disappointment would be devastating. It might actually kill our Spirit and keep us from ever wanting anything ever again. Maybe that’s why I wasn’t willing to believe something this important to me, something I’ve always dreamt of, (owning my own house), could actually happen for me. These are the things that happen to “other”, more fortunate people than me, I thought. Somewhere in my subconscious, I actually believed that I could not have what I wanted. I wasn’t good enough and I didn’t deserve it. Sound familiar? I’m hoping it does, otherwise, I have to face the fact that I’m the only one that has dark unconscious self-sabotaging beliefs operating that keep me from having what I want sometimes, especially if I don’t stay aware and intervene in them.

So, I decided to lean into my friend’s and my Practitioner’s understanding. For them, it was easy to see something good happening for me. They weren’t all caught up in the “how’s” like I was. They were simply “holding the space” for the highest and best to happen. Each of them would affirm that it was already done in the mind of God, that it was God’s good pleasure for me to have this house. They knew that my desire for this house was really God’s vision for me and therefore God knew how to make it happen.

I have learned that to actually have what we want, we must be willing to claim it, remove all doubt from our mind (in other words, get out of our own way), give ourselves permission to have it and then just allow it to happen. We often think we have to negotiate with God, beg, and plead our case. Just know all negotiating is with ourselves. God is already a yes.

So, armed with the faith of a mustard seed, and I mean that small, but also a legion of prayer warriors knowing the all-possibilities for me, the landlord came down in his price and sold me the house for $200,000 under market value! His words to me at the time were, “Donna, the money I would make on this house will not change my life, but the money you save, will.”

The mortgage broker who was helping me said, that in 20 years as a broker she had never seen anything like that. She said it was a miracle and that it renewed her faith in humanity. For me, it renewed my faith in possibility thinking, the necessity of coming out of linear thinking when creating my dreams, and the power of a prayer posse to know the Truth when I just couldn’t do it for myself. 

Ultimately, I had to “own” the idea that God was for me, God planted this dream in my heart and therefore, it was what God wanted for me too, before I could “own” my own house.

When something you want and dream of looks impossible, know that’s the Universe’s way of asking you to stretch your Faith and get out of your own way. ALL things are possible, especially our dreams when we come out of our own limiting thinking, and trust that the Universe already knows how to fulfill them without us having to figure it all out. 

To The Truth That Sets Us All Free,

Donna Gershman 

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