Understanding The Chasms at the Top of the Twin Flame Journey

Think of a pyramid – wide at the bottom, narrow at the top. When we are younger souls, we can think of ourselves at more the bottom of the pyramid, with a lot of vast space to explore and experience many things on Earth and other galaxies. We have a lot of room to roam, the goal is experience and learning as a soul.

As we ascend throughout our many liftetimes, and we go up in the pyramid (up in vibration), the path narrows, as the Higher Self begins to direct our path in a more focused way, so we can have the experiences we need to go up to the higher levels. The path of initiation and the mastery tests we are sent become more intense, more directed.

When we connect with our twin flames and begin the process of sacred union, we have traveled a vast deal of territory, we are very experienced souls – we are getting near the top of the pyramid. When we meet and activate the union process, we are ready to ascend. We begin the final process, the final lessons – we tie up all our loose ends. This process happens very fast and is very intense, and no stone may be left unturned at these levels. We are not off the spiritual hook anymore.

Any flaws, any bad habits, any old wounds and fears must be transmuted if we want to continue the journey, and we are kept at certain levels until we transform these things. Only light may go all the way up, so all of our darkness must come up to be cleared.

You may have heard us use the analogy of the “first goose.” When geese fly in their formation in the shape of the “v”, there is a “first goose” who flies at the front, and has the hardest job as it is hitting the air and creating a current for the geese who fly behind them. Twin flames are very much “first geese” – we are all flying ahead, taking on the hardest jobs, the toughest air, breaking ground for those who follow. Even clearing a family or ancestral template is being a first goose, the first to fully fly free and therefore help others in your ancestral line do so too. It is a path of service.

Up here, near the top of the pyramid when union is in full activation, we are meeting our last challenges, our “last goose” – or more accurately, our “last geese” – the deepest chasms of our shadow that we have left for last. We have met our “ring pass not” – the tasks that must be done before we reach the very top and ascend with our twin flames.

Think of it as you have a to-do list that includes going to the dentist, but you really don’t want to go to the dentist. It’s your very worst fear. So you do everything else on the list first – pay the bills, walk the dog, even the unpleasant tasks get done first, but the one that strikes your heart with fear, we tend to avoid until we can’t avoid any more. The pain of the tooth can’t be ignored.

In meeting our twin flame, we get to go to the dentist. Many of us have healed and transmuted a very great deal – we have dealt with many aspects of being and ascended quite high. But there are still our “dentist” areas that we avoid because they are filled with such pockets of pain and fear – our “last geese.” Our twin flame can often accurately see what our last geese are, and until now, we have been blind to them. Even when they mirror them, we try to avoid seeing it. And we can see theirs, and they can be blind to theirs as well. We all really, really want to avoid going to the dentist!

One of the greatest gifts of the twin flame journey, even though it doesn’t feel like it at the time, is that our “last geese” are pointed out to us through our twins – and some last geese are only accessible through the deepest portals of sacred union. We have only been able to access and see with the help of the twin flame connection.

Think of these as being very deep chasms – you are flying quite high and then, ooops, down you go into a deep dark chasm, full of shadows and monsters. Then you transmute, then up you go again, higher than you could before. Ascending, then falling, then ascending higher, then falling deeper, and so on.

The question is not, will you go there – the question is, how will you handle yourself when you do. And how you will you handle it when your twin flame is in a chasm of their own.

We think these places are to be avoided, when in fact they are the keys that allow us to go up and stabilize at a higher level. But again, we need to know how to handle ourselves here.

Not knowing how to handle ourselves (and our twins) when go down in these chasms is one of the main reasons many twin flames fall apart at this level.

We see it in the other, but we don’t see it in ourselves. We can see them in their chasm, and judge and blame them, but we don’t realize we are avoiding our own.

This is not the warm pink fluffy twin flame stuff, this is the deep mystery school that if you want full embodied union, and to go all the way to the top — you must attend to and master.

What we are talking about is deep, embodied sacred union with your twin flame – going all the way into the sacred mystery until you are one at all levels.

And this has become our work. Our task now is honing in on learning and mastering how to ascend and descend – the heights and the chasms, that is the very heart of the union process. Mastery at all levels, union at all levels, all the way to the top.


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