Spiritual Relationship Hacks; How To Attract Your Perfect Partner.

I have spent most of my 55 years on the planet wondering if I would someday meet my perfect life partner, the love of my life. Actually, I didn’t just wonder. I worried. I feared. I obsessed. I made vision boards. I read hundreds of relationship books. I went to therapy. I went to Practitioners. I worked on Mommy issues. I worked on Daddy issues. I went on dating sights. I dated. I moved in. They moved in. It worked. It didn’t work. I loved. I lost. I let go. It hurt like hell. I recovered. And then, I rinsed and repeated over and over again.

Mostly, I have worried that I wasn’t good enough. I wasn’t pretty enough. I didn’t have a beautiful enough body. I didn’t have enough money. I wasn’t successful enough. There might be something wrong with me…on and on. And I wondered why I wasn’t drawing that perfect person into my life!!
I can’t help but see the irony of it all now, and the humor frankly.

It was like I was wanting the Universe to present me the perfect person for me, you know, the one I had described a thousand different times in my journals, that had all those amazing qualities, all while I talked trash about me, and thought of myself as not really deserving! So apparently, I was wanting to find someone that was way better than me who would be happy with someone way less than they deserved! Are you seeing the irony yet?

Seriously, are we actually telling the Universe that we want to attract the perfect person while we secretly believe we’re critically flawed? Looks like Mr. Right or Mrs. Right is headed towards the short end of the stick!!!

This is just not how it works. For you to attract that perfect person to you, you actually have to see yourself as worthy. You have to know you’re a catch! You can’t pretend to be one. You can’t just act like you love yourself or love your own company. You have to fall in love with who you are. You have to first and foremost, fall in love with yourself. After all, when Mr. or Ms. Right walks into your life, don’t they deserve the best back? So, if you’re going to show up to the party, don’t show up with a half a bag of broken pretzels and expect to attract a full bag to you. Truthfully, do you really want to be that person who brings a small container of hummus to the potluck and then takes home containers of leftovers?

So, here’s what it comes down to. It’s not that you have to become someone you’re not, or someone you think others would want. It’s not that you need to become someone better than you currently are. You don’t need to remake yourself. You need to own who you already are. You need to know that you are perfect just as you are right now. All of your fears and worries about not being good enough; none of that is real. I know it can feel real, but did you know that it can feel real and true without it actually being real or true? We can have a fear of the dark and not actually have anything there to hurt us, right? Fear can be compelling but also a good liar.

Here’s the deal. God made you perfect and God wants you to know it! Simple but not always easy. Ask yourself this: Would you want to date you? Why? Do you know, really know deep down inside that you’re a catch? Because you absolutely need to know that, and if you don’t, then that’s your work.
Look at it this way. Do you want to attract a partner who has low self-esteem and doesn’t really know who they are? I think not. Remember, I’m not talking about attracting a “Mr. or Ms. Okay, for now”. I’m talking about attracting your Forever Life Partner. The key is to accept that you are a serious catch, no matter what your mind tries to tell you. No matter what you think is lacking in you or broken or missing altogether. The Reality is that you are way better than you think you are. A book that was written thousands of years ago says, “You are made from God’s Image and Likeness and out of Perfection”. Wow, can you imagine that? If not, that’s where I would start.

I have a theory. I believe that the moment we genuinely understand and accept that about ourselves is the same moment we become available to having what we truly want. We’re not really available to our good until we do. Most of the time, because of our resistance to knowing our perfection, we go through life accepting scraps and making choices that are less than what we truly deserve. But once we awake to our full throttle perfection in God, once we embrace all of who we are unconditionally, “all things are added unto us”.

Fall in love with yourself and your life. Remember who made you.
I had a friend once say to me that her life was so great without a partner, that she would need to meet the Perfect person before she would consider changing her life for anyone. I thought that was a good measure for loving oneself. Love your life so much that you are discerning about whether you should change your life for someone else. Can you say that right now about you and your life? If not, become that person and you will draw more to you than you know what to do with. Your biggest problem will be fending them off.

Last year, at the age of 54, I met my forever person, and next year at the age of 56, I will be getting married for the very first time in my life. Honestly, it took me this long to accept that I was a catch. But, as soon as I did, she appeared in my life and I literally didn’t have to do a single thing to make it happen. It is more than obvious to me now, that if I only knew then what I know now, and what I am sharing here with you, she might have found me sooner. But nonetheless, once you wake up to your true perfection in God, not from an “act-as-if” place or pretending, but from a genuine knowing, “all things are added unto you” and “all the time the locusts have eaten is given back to you”. Truly, the only thing necessary to attracting your perfect life partner is real Self-Love.

To The Truth That Sets Us All Free,

Donna Gershman

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