Energy Healing Eliminates Arthritis Pain

Thank you, Teri, for allowing me to share our email
correspondence as testimonial. Teri was in the US and I was at home in
Brisbane, QLD for her healing. We spoke via FaceTime for an hour and then I
directed her, after we said goodbye and disconnected, to lie down and relax for
35 to 45 minutes. Many clients have shared that they feel the healing turning
off in a distant healing and they know the session is over. Not all can describe
how they know, though.
I’ve edited these emails lightly.
Just wanted to tell you how amazing the healing was.
 My arthritis pain in my right hip and lower back is gone. I could feel
the healing work it’s way through my body and could feel the pain disappear. I
felt like someone was in the room with me and I had a vision of my mother
needing my help after she was incontinent. She was crying and I held her like a
baby. I cried. Right now I feel I’m in good spirits. Near the end I got chills
all over and when I put a blanket on me a comforting warmth came over me, but
from inside me. Anyway, thanks so much, for healing and advice.
That’s great and you’re welcome! It’s a privilege to
have your trust. Can I share this online as a testimonial please?

Yes please use it! This is the first morning in almost
a year that I was able to get out of bed in no pain whatsoever! Thanks. I feel

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