4 ways to improve the retail and hospitality experience

What makes a happy and memorable customer experience? Ask a handful of different demographics and you’ll likely get a dizzying array of diverse responses.

However, it’s generally accepted that good customer service ticks the following boxes:

Excellent communication skills

A friendly smile and a few fun jokes can make a customer’s day and put a spring in their approach. Human beings are tribal and quite loyal by nature. If a customer appreciates the excellent communication they receive at an establishment, they will come back for more.

However, “great communication skills” can sometimes mean knowing when not to speak. If a customer is on their way to work or in the middle of a rough day, hearing what the barista had for breakfast may not be exactly what they’re looking for. Having excellent communication skills means listening to the needs of the customer.

Product knowledge

It’s a big problem. Whether it’s a supermarket, a coffee cart, or a restaurant with cash service, there is nothing more frustrating for customers than asking seemingly simple questions that are impossible. respond.

Schedule regular meetings with your staff to update them on any product changes. There is nothing more impressive than a waiter who knows the menu inside out, and can recommend complementary dishes or drinks from a place of knowledge.

Patience and problem solving

Patience is a really important part of good customer service. There will be times when things fall unexpectedly or go wrong. Train your staff (and yourself) on alternative solutions, dealing with complaints and being calm like the proverbial cucumber under pressure.


This last point is undoubtedly the most important. The world we live in feels busier and busier… so no one likes to wait. One of the main things you can offer is well-planned efficiency.

Your staffing is essential – make sure all of your employees know what areas they cover and what their main responsibilities are.

Beyond all that, think about this: Have you ever had a good meal and then had to wait half an hour to foot the bill? No matter how delicious the food is, this kind of experience can leave a bitter taste. Make sure your payment systems are as smart as the service. Your point of sale (POS) systems are the key to this process, which is the device and the software you have in place.

Fortunately there is hotel point of sale systems that are tailored to the needs of this industry. Use special features like the ability to split invoice or track inventory to improve your overall efficiency and keep customers coming back.

If your customer service and efficiency tick the above boxes, you will be on the right path to success.

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