Thinking of buying a house in Brisbane

Brisbane Rules. Our winters are milder than the southern capitals, dress shorts are acceptable work clothes, you can find parking within two minutes of your destination and if you hop in your car and take the car you will find yourself on some of the best beaches in the world. no time.

Brisbane property is also top notch. We have a median house price that would barely guarantee a carport in Melbourne or Sydney. In addition, our attributions are so great that scoring a “six and up” in backyard cricket requires a stroke that Bradman himself would be proud of.

That said, successfully investing in Brisbane property can be treacherous without a bit of insider knowledge.

Here are three tips for success.

1. Life is different here

Director of real estate buying agent Meighan Hetherington says investors should avoid imposing out-of-town rules on our spooky lifestyle in Brisbane. She believes homes benefit from our relaxed outdoor life.

“The important things are the layout of the property and how it goes to the entertainment areas.”

“We’re not that concerned with having closed car housing either – a carport is fine. I find a lot of hindsight from interstate investors who do not understand that this is entirely acceptable and will not have a negative impact on the potential for capital growth or the profitability of a property in Brisbane. “

Air conditioning is now vital for tenants and landlords alike, Ms Hetherington said.

“Tenants were quite happy with the ceiling fans, but it has become essential to have them installed (air conditioning) over the past 18 months.”

2. Know your desires

Homes in character differ between Brisbane and other states, according to Ms Hetherington.

“Bricks and tiles set over concrete slabs are not viewed as well by homeowners who are hopefully the future buyer of your property and where your capital growth will come from.”

Queensland characters on stumps are the most sought after, despite potentially higher maintenance costs.

“Properties with tin roofs and wooden walls, cracks in the walls and air going through the window (carpentry) – those kinds of properties. Although they sound like a nightmare for an interstate investor, they are probably the ones that are most sought after by future buyers, ”Ms. Hetherington said.

3. Hill Living is Good Living

While owners in other parts of the country love a walk on low estate, we Brisbane people love a good ascent (and, of course, a corresponding descent). Ms Hetherington said the hills were an important aspect of Brisbane’s charm, with natural light and improved air circulation being big benefits.

“So sometimes the areas that are flat and fairly walkable are the ones that might suffer from flooding or flooding.”

Looking to invest in Brisbane?

If you are looking to buy property in a beautiful relaxed city, a pre-surrendered inspection in Brisbane is vital. Building inspectors Brisbane can ensure that your potential property is of the highest quality and that you are not paying too much for a property with flaws.

Brisbane Building Inspections is the best way to make sure that you are paying the correct amount for your property. A thorough inspection of the building in Brisbane will determine if there are any issues that the current owner is trying to hide – ensuring you don’t get trapped in the overall sale price.

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