Nagual Woman Blog: Time Passages

by Rev. Amari Magdalena

It seems we are closing the second decade of the 21st
century on a Ring of Fire eclipse.  Though I know time is an
illusion and construct of the rational mind, I am struck by this moment.  We might say that time is the way we measure
energy which is all around us all of the time. That said, in this material
world we attach much to our calendars and timepieces.  And so it is that we close a period of ten
years looking to the skies for answers.
Broadcasters seem to agree that it has been the best and worst
of times in many ways for different people. 
Some have amassed great wealth while others have experienced a shattering
of the American Dream of working hard and improving their lot in life.  Poverty and Wealth have both grown somewhat
more lopsided. The fabric of citizen unity has suffered rips and tears. Conversely,
consciousness has risen steadily during this decade. The new birth of Earth has
had its bumps.  Yet, as futurist Barbara
Marx Hubbard, noted birth is not always smooth and easy.  Significant upside, we’ve connected globally
through social media bringing us the world. This decade, in its close, seems to
have been oppositional.  The pendulum
which frequently swings to extremes has taken a sharp launch to the right and is
in much need of finding middle ground.
We tend to view these passages personally and
collectively.  On a personal note, I lost
my last parent, four good friends, and other younger relatives. Gained three
granddaughters and another grandson. Wrote and published seven books. I made
four big moves: one within a state, three others to different states circling
from sun to rain to sun.  I’ve held
numerous ceremonies celebrating seasons and continued to teach ancient wisdom
and pathways to peace.  Evidence suggests
I’ve surrendered being paired.  No doubt
I’ve accumulated more stuff than I now have room for and see the benefit in
simplification.  Moved out of middle age
into the elder realm.  Quite a passage!
Where does it leave us to acknowledge that 87,360 hours (5,252,429
minutes) have buzzed by? What do we do with this knowledge of our, and others,
memories of chunks of time wrapped in ten years? How do we glean the gold from
the dross and offer it to the Gods imploring them for a more promising future? In
which way do we celebrate without losing the important lessons. Which Cave Center
meditation will assist us in shedding what no longer serves us and igniting a
torch of hope for the future?
We can make plans and temp the Gods!  We can, as Robert Kennedy said, dream dreams
that never were and say why not! We can laud the young people coming up with
new visions and energy to revive or planet. We can take time to smell the
roses, applaud magnificent sunsets, and keep improving our ability to love
without conditions while serving our fellow Earthship occupants. We can engage
life and not choose to sit this one out. We can forgive and embrace forgetting.
Ultimately, we can choose to find beauty each day, express gratitude, extend
kind-filled acknowledgements, and enjoy this wondrous illusion. We can foster hope
and continue our journeys as Peace Pilgrims until we cross the Rainbow Bridge.

Prognosticators say were headed for glory. Hallelujah! Time passages buy me a ticket on the last train home tonight!  

“You can start anew at any given moment.  Life is just the passage of time and it’s up to you to pass it as you please.”  Charlotte Eriksson

“The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time.” James Taylor

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