When your eyes see something you weren’t expecting…

As I was giving a treatment last Saturday to a patient she said to me. “I can see something:”
Now I had only seen this lady once before so it would be fair to say I don’t know her very well.
I asked her what she thought she could see.
She said she thought she could see a bird flying inches below the ceiling in the room just above her head.
So I asked her if she was sure.
And then she almost shouted at me in a very excited voice.
“No, it’s not a bird, it’s a fairy!”
“Are you sure?”
”Yes, it’s a tiny little fairy, oh gosh this is  amazing.”
And this is a business lady not prone to fanciful thoughts!
Magic moments to lift our Souls.
You just never know what you or other people might see when in a very relaxed state of mind.
​And that was last Saturdays smile.
So ends my dairy entry for today.
Blessings always 

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