Lessons from King David on Loneliness and Isolation

Social isolation is real. The pain of disconnection and loss of community can feel like being locked into a cage. Right now with social distancing and our world in chaos, loneliness is growing.

Perhaps you’ve experienced that cage growing smaller and feel the isolation becoming ever more constricting.

When David was trapped in that cage of isolation, he experienced normal responses to enforced solitude. He became downhearted. Discouraged. Lonely.

Because of King Saul’s insanity, trying to survive, David had to flee from his home and position in society. He lost his wife, his best friend, the company of men he led, and his good name. Deep loss brings grief and loneliness. Unexpressed, it turns into despair and hopelessness.

Perhaps you have experienced the darkness of loneliness David went through. Perhaps you are just entering a time where everything familiar seems to have ended.

The enemy of your soul is jealous of you. Because of that, he wants to:

  • Steal your Peace.
  • Kill your Joy.
  • Destroy your Hope & Communion with God and others.

Have you ever been so overwhelmed, you wished you could escape?

Engulfed by feelings of loneliness, the pain becomes overwhelming. Longing to escape, you may even wish you could die. 

Drawn to feelings of loneliness, as you rehearse those thoughts, your brain changes. And your identity changes. Loneliness is more than a feeling. It can grow to be a mindset, to become your reality, and to shape your identity.

Loneliness is written into your DNA. That genetic expression means even when surrounded by people, you feel lonely, disconnected and unloved.

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