Healing Childhood Wounds for Advanced Souls

So many of the people we work with have experienced major difficulties in their childhood.  They went through profound suffering and, very often, much of this is still unresolved decades later – often without our realization the roots of our difficulties.  This is very common for very advanced souls in general, in our experience.

So many of us have tried various types of counseling and healing, most of it without success.  We get it.  As an example of this, I, Remi, worked with over seventy helpers in the past.  Almost all of it was unhelpful.  This is why we do the work we do, to help advanced souls who’ve been around the block in terms of healing and relationships, much of it without success.

As we’ll discuss below, traditional forms of help don’t work well with advanced souls because these people are far more complex than either the traditional or holistic methods that have been developed to help with healing trauma, inner child issues, low self-esteem, and so on.

To help you determine whether you might want to read on, check whether one or more of the following apply to you:

  • Do you suffer from recurring low self-esteem? Depression?  Anxiety?  Fear?  Anger?  Or despair?

  • Not happy with your connection with your beloved?

  • Not on mission? On your higher wiser path that you’ve been yearning for but just not getting there?

  • Using alcohol, illegal drugs, or prescription drugs to help you cope with how you feel?

If you said yes to any of above, then we suggest you keep reading.

Extensive research shows that most personal difficulties as well as relationship concerns have an essential foundation in common – ACE: adverse childhood experiences.  In our experience, most highly advanced souls (Highly Sensitive Persons, Indigos, Star Seeds, Empaths) have chosen to incarnate in a place where they knew they would experience various difficulties during their upbringing.

People with unresolved difficulties from childhood often don’t realize their current relationship and mission challenges are coming partly from childhood and so they take steps in wrong directions to try resolve their challenges.

Although most people don’t remember this, we chose to incarnate where we did, in agreement with our parents’ souls, to learn particular lessons and to work through unresolved issues in relation to previous lifetimes.

This article will attempt to help you assess your life situation from an angle you may not have considered in order that you may transform your life more effectively.  You can also choose to use this article to help your beloved with their challenges as well.

Your ACE Score

Recent research shows that one of the most crucial issues in terms of how well we function this lifetime, including in our love relationship and our mission, relates to how many different types of difficulties we’ve experienced growing up.   To help you determine more clearly how your early life challenges affected you, count how many of the following you’ve experienced before the age of eighteen:

  • Abuse

    • Emotional: recurrent threats, humiliation

    • Physical: beating not spanking

    • Contact sexual abuse

  • Household dysfunction

    • Mother treated violently

    • Household member was alcoholic or drug user

    • Household member was imprisoned

    • Household member was chronically depressed, suicidal, mentally ill or in psychiatric hospital

    • Not raised by both biological parents

  • Neglect

    • Physical

    • Emotional – minimal emotional care by our parents, such as lack of affection, or being told we’re loved or valued

Experiencing only one of these adverse childhood experiences can be very traumatic.  However, recent research shows that experiencing four or more of these makes it far more likely for us to have sizable difficulties such as anxiety, substance abuse, major relationship difficulties, inability to get on our mission, and so on.

If you wish, you can choose to calculate the ACE score for your beloved as best as you can, based on your knowledge of their background.  Then consider the potential impact on them.  Think of this not in order to see them negatively but to develop compassion and to get more clarity on how you might best be able to help them.  

Now, the positive side: Research shows that highly sensitive people who experienced difficult childhoods, which likely includes you as a twin flame or advanced soul, are able to grow far more than people who did not experience these challenges.

Research also shows that many people who went through sizable difficulties in childhood became very resilient as a result.  They used the adversity to grow a great deal during their childhood.  Many have used their suffering as motivation to do a lot of transformational work and are much further ahead than they otherwise would have been.  In any case, consider this information to be an opportunity to explore what you may have left over from childhood.

For those of you who are familiar with our work, you’re aware that 3D difficulties in childhood are only one slice of the challenges we experience, along with past life trauma, soul group issues, dark energies of various types, etc.  However, it’s important to keep current life issues in mind as well as we do our transformational work – for ourselves, our beloved, and for others.

The dance between two wounded partners

Please keep in mind that your beloved is wounded as well.   Rather than just think of them as narcissists or use other negative labels, it’s far better to dig a little deeper rather than throw these rocks because we’re hurt by their behavior.  There are understandable reasons why they act as they do, why they’re terrified of love, sabotage their own happiness, and so on.  Understanding them more deeply, including how our childhood wounds impact both of us and our relationship is a great place to build on.

When both are highly sensitive, one of the two is likely to have shut down a great deal of their sensitivity in childhood and to withdraw from conflict while the other may well be over-sensitive and yearn for the connection to help them heal.  This often results in a vicious cycle between couples where, the more one withdraws, the more the other grasps for closeness, which results in more withdrawing, and so on.  Both of our wounds play a part in that.  Fortunately, it only takes one to heal and change this pattern, although it’s ideal if both work on it.

What helps

Most traditional or holistic forms of assistance are not very useful to help resolve these types of concerns for advanced souls because the focus of the assistance is not broad or deep enough. The result is that many advanced souls with a moderately high or higher ACE score are likely to feel like failures because most helpers they’ve tried to work with were not helpful – and so they’re more likely to blame themselves and give up trying to grow.

In our experience, a combination of methods related to the field of energy psychology and ancient forms of visualization and working with higher energies have proven to be very effective in healing the various types of difficulties discussed here.


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