How to Balance and Heal Your Root Chakra

* The root chakra also known as Muladhara is the base chakra located in the end of the spine, and the pelvic area.

* Muldhara is broken down into two Sanskrit words: Mula means root and dhara is the base.

* The root chakra is where we hold our early conditioning. The root chakra is the base chakra where we hold our foundation of our beliefs, perceptions, values, and lifestyles.

* These foundations are created in early childhood.

Imbalanced Root Chakra

When we experience imbalances in this chakra, we experience feelings of:

• Fear
• Insecurity
• Co-dependency
• Feeling abandoned
• Anxiety
• Greed
• Nightmares
• Health problems in the colon
• Health problems in the bladder
• Financial and abundance blockages
• Eating Disorders
• Leg pains
• Constipation
• Lower back pains
• Impatience
• Violence
• Hyper sex drive

Balanced Root Chakra

• We feel safe
• We feel secure
• We are open to give and receive
• We feel abundant
• We are grounded
• We experience a sense of vitality
• We feel Independent
• We feel focused
• ,We feel like we can take on roles of leadership


Yoga poses associated with the root chakra

Here are some examples of yoga poses that you can practice to create balance and restoration in your root chakra:

Pavanamuktasana, knee to chest pose

Janu Sirsansana, head to knee Pose

Malasana, squatting pose

Stones associated with the root chakra

These stones can be worn as jewelry to help balance and heal your root chakra, and have additional ailments when you wear them. You can also use these stones while meditating. The stones have additional ailments in addition to root chakra healing.

Carnelian: The carnelian stone is not only known to enhance the root chakra, it takes care of the lower three chakra. The carnelian stone is known to help with blood circulation, can attract romantic partnerships (This stone also works well with the rose quartz stone) The stone is also known to enhance confidence and creativity.

Garnet: The garnet stone is known to strengthen, balance, and protect. It is said that this stone brings prosperity and abundance, along with creativity enhancement. The stone has different variations of stones and for each type of garnet, the healing implications consist of health, empowerment, confidence, and inspiration.

Tourmaline: Tourmaline is known to remove negative energy and enhance spiritual healing. Tourmaline is also beneficial to healing the heart space, provide energy, remove fatigue, and reduce fear, panic, and paranoia.

Tigers eye: Tigers eye brings confidence and enables you to develop motivation toward success. It is always good to have tigers eye nearby. This is a very powerful stone and can help enhance your confidence, and can promote your passion and your creativity.

There are many stones that you can choose from! There is also an abundance of information on the Internet to allow you to do further research. The way I choose my jewelry or my stones is simply by what I’m drawn to the most.

Essential oils that balance the root chakra

Essential oils are tools that are known to be very healing. You can rub essential oils on your neck, hands, wrists, shoulders, and feet. You can also place a few drops of essential oils in your diffuser.

Cedarwood: Cedarwood resonates with the root chakra and serves to ground your energy. The wood smell is known to be an insecticide, and an antiseptic. The scent of Cedarwood is known to be very grounding.

Patchouli: Patchouli is a very popular essential oil in India. This essential oil acts as an anti-depressant, is known for having anti-inflammatory proprieties, and is also known for its aphrodisiac properties (oooh lala!)

Foods you can eat to help balance your root chakra

Food that supports the root chakra can be anything red. Most red foods have high contents of vitamin C. Here is a list of foods that you can eat to balance your root chakra:

• Carrots
• Potatoes
• Beets
• Apples
• Eggs
• Cherries
• Tomatoes

Meditation techniques to heal your root Chakra

My favorite part of working with the chakras to incorporate balance and healing is the energy work portion of it.

This is because the meditations that unfold are limitless.

Now lets look at how we can allow the meditation to unfold:

You can light a candle if you’d like to create a sacred space. Your candle could be either white or even red to promote the enhancement of the root chakra healing.

Start by Lying down or sit with your legs folded. Breathe deep and relax your whole body.
Wearing red colors also helps with chakra balancing and healing.

Anytime you wear a color associated with each chakra, you’re enhancing this chakra. If you are drawn to wearing a certain color, it may be because your expressing and healing your chakra.

The Garden:

Your garden can look like anything. Does it have grass? Rose bushes? An area where you grow your favorite flowers? Does your garden need tending to? Walk around your garden in your visualization.

Sometimes, you can let things unfold in order to heal. One time, I found a trap door in the middle of my garden, and I went down it. I found my mother holding on to my child self. I pulled out a sword that had light on it and I pointed it at her. I retrieved my child self and I went back up into my garden.

Sometimes, people can visit you while you’re in your garden. Maybe a family member, or a friend will appear. Maybe a spirit guide or an angel can come and visit you. Sometimes when I meditate, I hear my guides giving me profound and useful messages that assist me with healing.

The Money Tree:

I love this visualization as it has worked time and time again. I imagine that there is a money tree in a section of my garden. I imagine that there is money hanging off the tree as if they are leaves. I grab as much money as I need, and I say thank you to my money tree. Sometimes I’ll give it water or energy to help it grow. This little exercise is quick and useful, and it just might help! Once your done engaging in this visualization let go carry on with your day.

There are many MANY things that can unfold in your meditation. The location could be anywhere you feel safe and that is sacred. These are just examples that I have used over the years of working with my root chakra that have worked for me.

If your not keen to the garden visualization, or you need a quick restoration, you can imagine a red circle or square in your pelvic area, and a white light coming in from the top all the way down to your root chakra to fill it with healing. Then imagine all of your chakras rotating evenly in a clockwise direction.

Affirmations to balance and heal the root chakra:

I am safe

I am loved

I am secure

I am abundant

Incorporate at least one or two of these methods each day, and you will feel more balanced, secure, and abundant. Your root chakra should be attended to each and every day to maintain a healthy flow and balance in your life.

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