A complete stranger made me laugh…

I should have posted this a week ago but I’ve been very busy tidying the garden as we have people coming to look at our home, even though I’m still in lockdown. Our house is up for sale!

But this is defiantly one for my dairy, one for my memory file.

This hasn’t  happened to me for a very long time…a complete stranger making me laugh.
But this stranger did – and it was such a complete surprise. I must be honest and say it made me feel good and I had a smile on my face for hours afterwards.
So what happened.
The door bell rang and I went to answer it knowing I would need to stand back in case the person on the other side of the door got to close to me. Once the door was open the delivery man on the other side put his hand out to give me a small parcel but as he did, he said I’m sorry but I must have some identification from you. Your passport or your driving license so that I can see your date of birth, because I need proof you are  over 18 years of age.
I felt like saying to him it should be obvious I was over 18, but I decided to keep quiet and comply.
I found my driving licence and handed it to him. He read out my date of birth and when he’d finished I said “Yes..that makes me the grand young age of 70.“
Well….if you could have seen the look on his face…it was priceless! He just stared at me with a dumbfounded  expression of sheer amazement.
”What’s your secret. You’ve got to tell me your secret before I leave” 
I couldn’t  help but laugh. I told him he’d made my day. Actually he’d made my year.
I said, “ I’m happy, perhaps that’s my secret.“
And then he said, “well what ever you are doing…keep doing it” and with that he left still looking very bemused. 
My husband appeared  in our hall and asked me what the commotion was all about, and I told him. 
He laughed and I was still laughing.
I know I look much younger than my years, partly I think because I don’t have any grey hair and my hair is NOT dyed. I don’t have many wrinkles and I’m always smiling. But his words gave me a lovely boost and I thank him for that.
Blessings always

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