Don’t be progressive: how to stay safe and stylish with a face mask!

Black, being a solid and bold color, is also a favorite because of its slimming effect and durability to resist stains. Easy to complement with other shades, black items are definitely a staple in everyone’s wardrobe.

Some mask inspirations with prints include the South Korean brand PLEASURE FOR PLEASUREcotton Scalloped Polka Dot Mask with scalloped edges and polka dots. Also, check out MARHEN.J’s Lolly pouch in Black – a nifty pouch that fits your everyday accessories such as EZ-link cards and cash!

For a more spacious bag, try Stighlorgue‘s Finn Flapover Laptop Backpack in black; a sought-after utility bag choice with its compact design that offers the best travel functionality.

Are you looking for a textured bag? Maybe South Korea ANODDS‘s Lazel Mini Croc Shoulder Bag in Wani Black will pique your interest! Its classic shape and solid color make it a snap to match with casual outfits or formal suits.

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