Local brands All Singaporeans will be proud of #SupportLocal

Show your care to your loved ones by sending a 1) Ultimate protection bundle – five practical travel bottles sdtravel Self-disinfecting coating spray in a Hello Changi Poached available in three models! the 2) Personal care essentials bundle is also a guaranteed success with two bottles of sdtravel, Antibacterial masks and a Mask holder – all in a colorful decor Ah Guo clutch.

Know a friend who’s been down since their travel plans were canceled? Choose between the 3) Best value bundle – one Hello Changi night Handbag containing a Changi fragrance Candle, Yip Yew Chong Tiong Bahru Set of roller coasters and an Ah Guo Designed Poached, or one 4) The buyers’ favorite lot consisting of two bottles of sdtravel, a Changi fragrance Reed diffuser, a Flight mist and a Hello Changi night Poached. Either of the carefully assembled bundles of items would be a feast for their senses and a trip back in time to the early days of travel at Changi Airport.

For the greedy friend, how about 5) Sustainable boutique and dining set of three changi pieces Cutlery set, Changi Rain Vortex Glass and Rickshaw Coffee – all in a chic Hello Changi party Handbag! Sustainability during meal times can now be stylishly easy with this treat set.

At just $ 55 for each package, be a true blue (or red) Singaporean this national holiday and share! #Dontsaybojio

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