What are the different types of engineers?

Today, the number of consulting engineering firms is increasing very rapidly. Engineering, however, is a broad term that covers different industries and applications. By combining their knowledge of technology, mathematics and science, engineers will be able to produce many creative solutions to problems in everyday life.

Before engineering was divided into four broad categories, these included electricity, civil, mechanics, and chemistry. However, today the number of engineering related degrees has increased significantly.

Do you want to know the different types of engineers? If so, read on.

Different types of engineers

This type of engineer focuses on the manufacture, design and testing of various electrical components such as navigation, engines, power generation and communication systems.

Electrical engineers work in a wide variety of industries such as telecommunications, research, manufacturing, telecommunications and among others.

Civil engineers are responsible for solving infrastructure problems. In reality, the projects they design, maintain and build cover a wide variety in both private and public sectors such as sewer and water systems, dams, tunnels, roads and bridges. Most of the time, civil engineers divide their time between construction sites and offices.

This type of engineer uses the principle of engineering, chemistry, science and biology to develop various solutions to different environmental problems. Environmental engineers are also involved in an effort to improve public health, air and water pollution control, recycling and waste disposal.

A biomedical engineer will combine the principle of engineering with medical science to design and manufacture software, equipment, devices, and computer systems for healthcare purposes.

This type of engineer designs, builds and develops mechanical and thermal sensing devices such as machines, motors and tools. Mechanical engineering, on the other hand, is one of the largest fields of engineering. Plus, you can find them in a wide variety of products, from refrigeration systems to electric generators and batteries.

As the name suggests, an agricultural engineer solves agricultural issues related to the use of facilities and structures, power supply, environmental issues, and machine efficiency. They are also responsible for the processing and storage of agricultural products.

Final thoughts

There are just a few of the different types of engineers you should know about. Mining, geological, nuclear, marine, safety and health engineers are the other most common types of engineers. Hope you learned a lot from this article.

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