Best Music Player App for Android Smartphones

Hi guys! Welcome to my website In this article I will show you Best musicPlayerfor Android phones. Normally Android phones come with a default Music playerbut the defect Music player may not provide you with a satisfactory equalizer, or its user interface may not be convenient.

Best music player for Android devices.

1. Boom music player


  • Listen to music from the local library, Spotify, Tidal, Radio or Cloud
  • Immersive 3D surround sound, full bass and equalizers on all headphones
  • Stream from premium music services with 3D surround sound
  • Control your music and effects at your fingertips
  • Listen to thousands of radio stations and your favorite podcasts
  • Perfect for different types of headphones.
  • Handcrafted equalizers for every music group

2. Pi music player


  • Discover and search millions of YouTube music
  • Brand new floating video player to enjoy YouTube music videos while using another app
  • Best music player with amazing features and unique customizations
  • Beautiful, intuitive music controls designed
  • Rich equalizer with 10 presets


3. Musicolt music player


  • No ads
  • Multiple queues
  • Powerful equalizer
  • Stunning widgets

4. Gom Audio


  • Sensational music player
  • Sync Lyric Viewer and Editor
  • Powerful sound and sound effect
  • Popular podcast
  • Other basic function
  • Smart lock screen

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