Ezekiel: August 2011 – The Future

Friends, This is an edited channelling from exactly nine years ago when my teacher Ezekiel was preparing us for NOW. He always amazes me. Read it with an open heart and mind. Blessings of Abundant Love and Vibrant Health, Annie

“You have noticed that your planet is in a turbulent situation. The winds of change are upon her and blowing quite fiercely at times. All the change you feel within yourself and see outside yourself is occurring for the earth at a dramatic pace.

Let us speak of dismemberment. When something is dismembered, it is severed. Sometimes one might try to put a severed part back on. Or place a severed part where it had not originally been. The mind can work creatively as it frantically tries to restore what has been dismembered. You will notice this in your future.

Structures will topple. I speak not of physical structures. Structures of commerce, structures of ways of being that have become part of the norm. They will become dismembered. Parts of them will no longer function, and man will try to restore them in new and creative ways. Creativity can work for the good of the whole or not. You will see creative, humanistic re-memberment, and creative, non-humanistic re-memberment. Both will occur.

Those who have the power to create new ways will not necessarily look for wondrous solutions, but ones that will continue their dominance. These people have the ability to cause the greatest amount of damage and suffering to the whole.

What is the point of the dismemberment, you may wonder?

The template of the earth must shift. It is time. It has been prophesied. A planet such as yours cannot continue to exist in the ways it has been going. Many developed ancient cultures did not last, for the need for power, control, and destruction became too great. Separation must end. It is time for the restoration of Unity.

For unification of all to occur, there must be a separation of sorts. How prominent are the energies and forces of separation? Look amongst the leaders of your planet. See how strong the desire for power is. This need arises out of fear and will not change.

Separation can be a means to bring about Unity. If you have rulers abusing power and a country full of people who disagree with their ways……if the people within the county unite – there is unity. Yet they are uniting to rid the country of the rulers – which is separation.

Unity and separation walk side by side, hand in hand. 

True power lies within. The power to live, grow, help, connect. The power to heal. My friends, there is a ball rolling that cannot be stopped. What can you do? You have the capacity to help people in the wake of destruction. As the energies of chaos and power-hungry men continue to grow, at the same time the energies of interconnection and healing are being expansively fed. This is a form of Unity. Your perspective must be grand. Look for Unity and Oneness where you least expect it. And try hard not to become caught up in any one event for too long.

As you settle and integrate after an event, the Light within will illuminate your path. And along that path, you will serve.

The heart is the beacon. It knows and shows the way. It is the Light. You are the Light.

It with great sorrow I say that the coming times might be difficult for some, yet out of destruction and chaos, marvelous things can arise. Feed your Light. Know that all is well on a level invisible to most.

Many people will need your service. Perhaps you will have need yourselves for a while. That is fine. Then you will get over it and reach those who have greater need than you.

Some of you will heal physical wounds in ways others will call miraculous. Some will become containers for the emotional states of others, helping them arrive at an inner stabilization so they can assist their friends and families. Some will help with building. Some will teach about farming. All of you will be led by your hearts, lights, and compassion.

Compassion will be the connecting thread.

In the many roles you will play, it is important to remember – in the healing of one, the holding of one, the teaching of one – the purpose is for that one to become a leader and helper for others. Heal and teach and love and share without expectations.

Fear will arise. Welcome it. Embrace it. Befriend it. And within the fear, trust yourselves.

There is a great amount of discussion going on behind closed doors. You will not be told much about it, yet you will experience the ramifications. A disruption will occur in the political system of the United States that will not be pleasant for some, yet will cause others to rejoice.

The best way to go about one’s life during these chaotic, transitional times is to be in close, conscious connection with thyself. Thyself as Spirit. Thyself as Light. Thyself as Love. Thyself as One with All. The heart, the light, the soul are one big eye. See each person from this eye. It is the source of True Power, Oneness, and Unity.

Gather together. Be not alone. Create your families.

There is an illusion that two makes a family. Your culture is invested in twos. This is a structure that is in the process of being dismembered. Two is not enough. A family consists of many adults who count on and attend to one another in ways others can’t. People must come together to create “a family way” you might say, in service to those outside their network where there are still ones and twos trying to survive.

The final thing I will say to you, my dears, is that which I have already stated, yet wish to state one more time for I feel it is the most important thing I can possibly share.

Live in thy heart. Feed thy heart with thy breath. Allow and nourish the Light of thy heart, thy spirit. Become a beacon of Light for all in need of what you uniquely have to offer. And move along your days walking the path your beacon illuminates. You are always cared for and will be shown what is next.

Feel the love within that is thy true identity. Be fearless, for indeed, what is there to be afraid of?  There is life, and there is the ending of life, yet there is no death. There is no death, my friends. This is a misconception too many have decided is true. You will never die. You always are, you always were, and you always will be. As you come to know and embrace this truth, you will be better equipped to help others.”

This is the way of the evolved human.

The Light of Love is All. 

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