What I learned from the failure of four companies in 2020 | by Amid Sedghi

photo by Estée Janssens sure Unsplash

2020 has been a tough year for everyone and I know you’re tired of hearing everyone’s issues this year, so I’m not here to speak out about how bad 2020 has been for me.

Instead, I want to take this opportunity to tell you what I’ve learned and why it’s important to know what I’ve learned this year. I’m going to keep it short and sweet because apparently attention span is at an all-time low these days. So here are the children:

  • There is no gain when you start your own business. You are constantly losing and it is frustrating and demoralizing and it sounds like a total waste of time. And over time the more weird issues and glitches get and you realize at some point that everything is a little glitch that needs to be fixed. The beautiful thing about this constant struggle with problem solving is that it makes you a top notch problem-solving tool. That’s why I like the entrepreneurial spirit. You can choose what kind of shit you deal with and you really handle that shit.

This is my two-thisnotts about entrepreneurship failure. 2020 was the year that I started and failed 4 businesses, but I’m absolutely happy that I finally tried what I’ve always wanted.

If you need to hear it from someone else, do what you always wanted to do. There is no better time than now.

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