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The course includes over 80 lessons, exercises, worksheets, and extra resources. This early release of the course includes all the primary content from my book Affair Healing: A Manual for Betrayed Spouses, updated and formatted for the course, along with additional material. Everyone who purchases the course now will have access to all future upgrades (video, audio, new resources) available in the full version by the end of the year.

Topics covered in the course:

  • Your Options, Your Choice
  • The Other Woman (or Man)
  • The Uncertain or Uncooperative Spouse
  • Building Boundaries
  • Sharing Your Pain
  • Who Else Should Know?
  • Recognizing Truth-Shifting
  • Getting To The Truth
  • Healing WIth or Without Your Partner
  • Forgive? Probably. Trust? Maybe.
  • Dealing With Trauma Triggers
  • Finding Support

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