My promise to myself…

I promised myself when I started writing this blog that I was gong to record all the little things that happened to me.
My own personal diary to myself.
​Anything slightly unusual or serendipitous that happened to me would be recorded.
Well…a couple of weeks ago I had the most amazing few days and I feel I need to record what happened just for me.
It might not mean very much to you, but for me it meant the world.
The first good news I got was when a dear friend told me she was going to put my books in her shop window. I knew they were going into her shop. I had taken some down to her the week before….But I had no idea she was thinking of giving me centre stage in the front of her shop window.
She messaged me and asked me for a photo of me, and could I please write a few words to go with the picture…Wow…me in a window….Front and centre…
My son took a media head shot of me about four years ago (remember he’s the photographer in our house)  so I sent her that along with some words I thought she might like. I would love to learn how to put the photo on this page for you all to see…I must somehow find out if I can do this.
I’m going to put the picture on Instagram, face book and twitter, so if you are following me on any of them,  you will see it.
​Next came the great news…she had sold a copy of my first book,, but not only that, the lady had come back  a few days later and bought my second book. She had enjoyed the first book so much she came straight back for book two. 
Just a little thing you might say…but a huge thing for me.
Please forgive the long time between me writing my blog, I’m packing up our home. Forty six years of accumulated stuff. Yes the house has sold and yes we are moving. So please bare with me. I’ve got another  great little story to tell you, so watch this space.
Blessings always. 

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