CSI Pacific Announce Completion of High Performance Centre Fitness Outdoor Expansion at the Whistler Athletes’ Centre

WHISTLER, BC – The Canadian Sport Institute of the Pacific (CSI Pacific) is proud and pleased to announce our brand new expansion to the high performance outdoor fitness center at the Whistler Athletes’ Center. This project was carried out in partnership with Whistler Sport Legacies.

The exterior surface expansion project which uses rubber from recycled BC Tires was completed in July 2020 and is ready for use.

This project will provide Canada’s elite athletes and coaches who train with CSI Pacific in Whistler with additional space for daily training and sport development. This additional space and new surface will allow CSI Pacific to help Canada’s athletes continue to achieve global success at the Olympic and Paralympic Games, now and in the future.

In early 2020, CSI Pacific kicked off construction on the expansion project located next to the Whistler Athletes’ Center gymnasium. After months of disrupted work due to COVID-19, construction is finally complete. CSI Pacific is excited about this new expansion as it will provide more training opportunities for the organization as well as the public.

This project uses rubber from recycled British Columbia tires to create an environmentally friendly and sustainable surface. Marathon Surfaces, the supplier of the rubber materials, is a 14mm Spurtan BV, a 14mm two-layer sandwich style polyurethane track system. The base layer consists of a black mat of SBR rubber granules, polyurethane bonded, with a thin layer of waterproofing. The topcoat is a fluid applied polyurethane topcoat with a dense matrix of diffusing EPDM rubber granules.

Our new outdoor fitness extension was made using 12,400 lbs of BC rubber from recycled tires. This environmentally friendly surface material was chosen because it allowed us to incorporate sustainable materials into the project.

CSI Pacific would like to thank our financial partners for supporting us throughout this project: Tire Stewardship BC and Real Estate Association of Whistler.

TSBC Tire ManagementTire Stewardship BC is a not-for-profit company that operates the British Columbia Tire Recycling Program. They support projects that use recycling as a way to protect the environment.

Real Estate Association of Whistler is the most comprehensive resource for real estate listings in Whistler and Pemberton and proudly supports community and local projects in the Sea-To-Sky Corridor.

About Marathon Surfaces

Marathon Surfaces is a full-service provider and installer of surfaces ranging from rubber running tracks and PIP recycled rubber flooring for playgrounds, to tennis and multi-purpose courts, to synthetic turf. Marathon is committed to providing environmentally friendly flooring choices using recycled rubber sourced from local suppliers. The best quality materials are used and installation techniques proven, resulting in surfaces that work and enhance any installation.

About Tire Stewardship BC

Tire Stewardship BC, a not-for-profit company, was formed to accept responsibility for the provincial scrap tire recycling program and on January 1, 2007, TSBC launched the new scrap tire recycling program replacing the government program in place since 1991.

About the Whistler Real Estate Association

WLS is a private and operated listing system that has been specially designed to meet the needs of our clients. As the most recent and comprehensive database of properties for sale in Whistler, Pemberton and the Sea to Sky area, the WLS website and WhistlerListings.com provide buyers with a convenient and easy-to-use online tool to research unique real estate in the area. offerings. For sellers, a listing on the WLS is an opportunity to gain exposure to a global audience.

About the Canadian Sport Institute Pacific: Fueling Performance. Inspirational excellence.

Offering world-class Olympic and Paralympic training environments in Vancouver, Whistler and Victoria, the Canadian Sport Institute of the Pacific (www.csipacific.ca) is committed to Top performance. Inspirational excellence. Working with national sport organizations and powered by our national and provincial partners such as Sport Canada, viaSport, Own the Podium, the Canadian Olympic Committee, the Canadian Paralympic Committee and the Coaches Association of Canada, we are driven by our mantra : Collaborate. To serve. Innovate.

Our team of experts in Sports Science, Sports Medicine, Coaching and Life Services provide cutting-edge programs and services to athletes and coaches to ensure they have all the benefits to earn medals for Canada.

For more information contact:

Noah wheelock
General Manager, Operations and Communications
Canadian Sport Institute Pacific

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