The Spiritual Forces of Evil Will Crumble

Satan’s kingdom is built on darkness. On earth, when worship rises, spiritual strongholds begin to crumble. But that day, when Light stands unsheathed surrounded by our pure worship, the forces of evil will be undone and fall from the air to the earth – the only place left for them to rule.

Here’s the secret of our great hope. Christ the Light always overcomes the darkness. Today, no matter the darkness we face, as we fix our eyes on Jesus, His light shines forth to battle the enemy.

The shofar reminds us Yeshua, our atonement, fights for us, even as He fought for Israel. It warns us to be ready; for angels, heralds of the King, blowing the shofar to announce the return of Christ. The sound of the shofar will sound, calling those sealed with God’s Spirit together under the standard of the Messiah, who is both Lamb and the Lion of the tribe of Judah.

At the call of the shofar, Israel united under their standard to go to battle – whether they fought or whether they stood still and watched the Lord battle on their behalf. We, too, will be called. A huge spiritual battle is coming. 

Perhaps it will happen as I envision from Scripture. Regardless of the particulars, the Kingdom of Light will overcome the kingdom of darkness.

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