How to Balance and Heal your Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra: Svadhisthana

The sacral chakra is the chakra is where your creativity originates.

 The sacral chakra is the chakra where passion, sensuality, feelings, and sexuality derive from. 

The sacral chakra is located in your pelvic area, just above the root chakra. 

The sacral chakra is a vulnerable chakra. It takes vulnerability to create and display your creations to the universe. Just as having sex can cause you to feel vulnerable. 

Imbalanced Sacral Chakra Symptoms

When we experience imbalances in this chakra, we experience feelings of:

· Overactive or underactive sex drive

· Lack of boundaries

· Low Self Esteem

· Depression

· Insecurity

· Jealousy

· Fear 

· Promiscuity

· Rigid control

· Over protectiveness

· Anger

· Inability to receive love

· Inability to receive abundance

· Overwhelming feelings

· Stomach pain

· Irregular menstrual cycles

· Kidney pain

· Pelvis issues

Balanced Sacral Chakra Symptoms

When our sacral chakra is balanced we experience feelings of:

· Unity amongst others

· Bliss

· Unconditional love

· Creativity

· Abundance

· Passion

· Courage

· Secure 

· Movement

Balancing the Sacral Chakra: 

Here are some examples of yoga poses that you can practice to create balance and restoration in your sacral chakra: 

Yoga poses associated with the sacral chakra:

Parivrtta trikonasana(twisting triangle)

Utthita parsvakonasana(extended lateral angle pose)

natarajasana(pose of shiva or as I like to call it, dancer pose)

Movement and Dancing:

The sacral chakra can be balanced through dancing and movement. Your dancing doesn’t have to be structured, or something you’ve learned in the past. In fact, you should forget everything you’ve learned and just move the way you feel guided to. 

You can awaken your creativity by dancing in a dim-lit room and just feeling the flow of the music, moving freely and without thinking. Whether you want to inspire your creativity to come alive, or just to feel balanced, dancing is a wonderful way to really get the blood flowing. 

Stones associated with the sacral chakra:

Fire Opal: This stone is an activation stone. When worn, the fire opal is able to remove emotional blockages, and intensify manifestation and creativity from within. Healers utilize this stone to remove imbalances in the kidneys and the blood, and you can too

Carnelian: In addition to utilizing the carnelian stone for the root chakra, the carnelian comes in handy when you have intentions to restore balance in your sacral chakra. This stone varies in color from pink to deep orange. The Carnelian stone also assists with kidney regulation. In addition, the Carnelian stone helps with lower back pain and arthritis. The Carnelian stone can also be worn for protection. Carnelian assists with providing a confidence and creative boost to your energy. 

Essential oils that balance the Sacral chakra

Sandalwood– In addition to this grounding wooden bark smell that is invoked when you administer this essential oil, sandal wood works well with the sacral chakra, and is said to rid depression, bacteria, and spasms. The calming smell serves as a natural sedative, and can also be used as an aphrodisiac. 

Ylang-ylang- This essential oil can also be used as an aphrodisiac, and can rid anger when you hold it at your sacral chakra area. 

Foods you can eat to help balance your Sacral chakra





Orange Peppers

Omega-3 foods such as Salmon and Nuts

Meditation techniques to balance your Sacral Chakra

The Beach House

When I began visualization, I would imagine that I was at a beautiful beach house. I would look around to see what needed cleaning up around the house when I visited. Did the counters need wiping?  Did the floor need sweeping? I imagined walking through every room in this house and cleaning it up with a magical wand. 

Inside the house, I have an area where I create through my writing. I imagine myself sitting in front of the computer and typing away in my beach house. This usually removes the writer’s block that I am experiencing, and I end up in a reality where I can get back to writing. 

When you are visualizing an area in your sacral chakra, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a beach house like my visualization. 

You could be in your most favorite place, like a special room. Sometimes I imagine that I am in a beautiful room that is decorated with orange colors (because I’m in my sacral, it helps me to associate the colors with the chakra.) You could even imagine yourself in a field with tons of orange flowers of your choice, like roses. Wherever you need to go to balance and maintenance your sacral chakra doesn’t matter. What matters is your intention for the visualization. 

Use these tools when you feel like you need to boost creativity or balance your sacral chakra.

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