Can the Heat complete the comeback?

The Miami Heat stole Game 5 from the Los Angeles Lakers in a tight fashion by beating the Lakers by 3, pushing the series to Game 6 as the Heat try to recover from their previous 3-1 deficit. Miami will need the same scoring mentality from star Jimmy Butler, going unstoppable at the end of the 4e Game 5. Miami had a huge production from shooting goaltender Duncan Robinson registering 26 points for 7 three-pointers. Miami gets points from its players, 6 of the 7 players who saw the action on Friday racked up double-digit points, the Lakers finished with just 3 of their 9 players scoring over 10. The Heat must continue their aggressive and tough defense. to hold one against Los Angeles. LeBron James played an almost perfect game with 40 points, 13 rebounds, 7 assists, 3 steals and hitting 6 three pointers while shooting 71% from the field. Other than LeBron James and Anthony Davis’ big games, the Lakers haven’t gotten much from their players other than Caldwell-Pope who scored 16 points, the top three combined scorers for 86 of the 108 Lakers. With both teams needing more to finish on the series which team has what it takes.

The Los Angeles Lakers will need big plays from players like Danny Green, Kyle Kuzma, Alex Caruso and Rajon Rondo have each shown flashes of this series but haven’t played well at times, bringing in the Lakers, their actors. are there to punch and that’s not what they get from them. James and Davis have done as much as they can to keep the Lakers ahead, but the three role-playing misses give the Heat a shot at winning the series. Giving credit where credit is due, the Heat gave the Lakers a tough time against a strong and aggressive defense. If the Lakers can get past the Heat they will win without a doubt, they will have to control the pace don’t allow the Heat to push the ball and find the corner shooters limit them offensively controlling the game at your own pace making plays and shooting well the ball if the game gets gritty, the Heat can steal it, play at the best pace for the Lakers. LeBron has to find his shooter early, you have to get your shots, it doesn’t matter who it’s finding someone who can consistently hit shots, which is a shooting threat the Heat is focused on. Los Angeles has everything it takes to win the NBA Championship.

The Miami Heat have to win two in a row to beat the Lakers and they have an oppressed mind playing passionately throughout the series losing two of their best guys, they have to keep their game going especially their game. leader Jimmy Butler coming back from a 3-1 drop is a tough feat against any team, but it will be even more difficult since they play LeBron James. The Heat have found success playing thanks to their star while reversing the open looks of their shooters Robinson, Herro and Crowder, their defense has been top notch with much of it thanks to Andre Igoudala, He has the experience of the final to lead this team through the tough times he kept a helping hand against Anthony Davis who silenced him, making the Lakers a lot easier to beat without the production of Davis, Miami has a real chance to complete the comeback. The keys to a comeback are solid defense and maximum effort, you don’t have to beat the Lakers, you have to beat them knock them out and finish them off, finally limit shooters for Los Angeles, don’t let a shooter heat up or it will be very difficult to slow down the offensive.

Considering everything, the Heat won’t be able to keep up their hard work and play and miss the Lakers in Game 6 without the intensity the Lakers will overcome by sending the Heat home. The Heat need too much to play in their favor for a thwarted victory over an extraordinarily strong NBA team, a team made up of two of the best players in the world. The Los Angeles Lakers are your 2019-2020 NBA Champions.

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