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If you’ve landed on this page, you’re probably looking for an honest review of Dynamite jobs to help you make a decision about which platform to use in your remote job search.

This review comes after having personally tested the platform since early 2020 and (spoiler alert), reasons why Dynamite Jobs is by far my favorite site for 100% remote work.

What is Dynamite Jobs?

Dynamite Jobs is one of the best platforms for remote jobs, connecting remote job seekers with some of the best remote opportunities.

Although founded in 2017, the Dynamite Jobs team was in fact already active in the remote work arena since 2007 via podcasts, events and online forums, which means they have a lot of knowledge and a large network of companies that hire professionals remotely.

What kind of remote jobs can I find on Dynamite Jobs?

First of all, you need to understand that Dynamite Jobs is not your typical website where any business or entity can post any kind of remote work.

All remote jobs that are posted on the website are first reviewed by the team to make sure they are legitimate, the companies are well established, and the pay is aligned with the market (United States). United States / Canada).

While their standards align with US standards when selecting companies that can post opportunities on the platform, Dynamite Jobs isn’t just for US companies and remote job seekers.

You can find companies in USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, etc. and most jobs, at least 50% are open to applicants from all over the world.

Do I have to create an account?

This is one of the best things about Dynamite Jobs; you don’t need to create an account to be able to apply for jobs.

This option is however available and it can be very useful for companies to find your candidate profile even if you have not applied for a job.

So, if you want to increase your chances of being discovered by a business, I strongly suggest that you create a candidate account.

What are the advantages of using DJ?

Dynamite Jobs has several advantages that other remote working platforms do not.

One of them is their filter options. While all websites offer filters for category, type (full time, part time), experience, Dynamite Jobs is the only website that allows you to filter jobs remotely by salary.

This is a great tool because applying for remote jobs usually takes longer than applying for “regular” jobs. Most job postings require recording a video, taking a short test, or answering a series of questions, instead of just submitting a CV and cover letter.

Salary filtering is great for saving time because you don’t want to spend 2 hours applying for a job that doesn’t meet your salary expectations.

While not all companies display the salary they offer, before posting the job posting, they should select a salary range that results in applicants being able to filter by that salary range.

Another benefit of using Dynamite Jobs is that the team is actively involved in ensuring that companies that post jobs on the platform find the best talent.

This means if you are active on the platform like me you can get a lot of support like being referred to a company for a job you have applied for and getting email updates regarding the latest jobs. matching your search criteria.

Dynamite Jobs Reviews

Dynamite Jobs is the only free platform I’ve seen results with, having used 17 other websites for remote jobs. Unlike other platforms, I started getting interviewed soon after I started using it.

The caliber of companies posting jobs remotely on Dynamite Jobs is the highest I have ever seen.

All companies have a great culture, with most being fully distributed (100% remote), offering many perks and perks that are usually very hard to find (paid vacation, parental leave, home office setup, health benefits, etc. ), regardless of their size. From 6 person team companies to 500 person team companies, there is a perfect company for everyone on Dynamite Jobs.

The posted job offers are ideal for everyone, whatever their career stage (entry, intermediate, senior).

Dynamite Jobs is not just a platform for finding remote work until you find a full time office job. Their mission is to advance the careers of telecommuting professionals and they are damn good at it.

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