10 Courthouse Wedding Dress Ideas (Vegan-Friendly!)

10 wedding dress ideas at the courthouse

Now that I’m an expert on courthouse bridal (haha), I wanted to share 10 courthouse wedding dress ideas. You might know if you follow me on Instagram, that Jesse and I were legally married on 07/11/2020! When we learned that our destination wedding was due to be postponed until the end of 2021, we threw in a lot of options. We finally decided to run away to the courthouse in anticipation of our big day in 2021 was the best option for us. More on that in a future post – because I can’t WAIT to share these photos with all of you.

For now, I wanted to collect some of the dresses I envisioned for our runaway to the courthouse, in case you’re in the same shoes! I really found this part difficult. I am extremely picky when it comes to dresses. So much so that when I was in high school, I almost always changed my dress to have a different style – or in one case, I made it entirely by hand. I had envisioned the day I married Jesse the day I would wear my beautiful wedding dress (already bought and sent) – but knowing I had to save it for 2021, I felt a bit defeated. I ended up ordering several (and loved it, hence the reason they are on this list) and wore option 2.

Option 2 is the Frankie dress by Rime Arodaky, a completely vegan + cruelty-free wedding dress designer based in France. This is truly my dream getaway dress – short, flirty and fun, with a classic high neckline, long sleeves, open back, and beautiful sheer lace. I knew this dress was perfect for me because it’s the type of figure I feel the best in.

While I loved the Bronx and Banco Medeleine dress, and it was gorgeous, I had to admit it’s just not the best figure for my body type, and it’s not what I feel comfortable in. My best advice would be to pick a figure you like first and order a few options in those, then try one or two in a different figure in case you’re surprised (you never know!) think that the most important thing is that you feel beautiful and confident, so go for it with your instincts.

We’re super excited to be married and I hope these articles on our leak will help those of you who are also COVID married. It’s been a crazy year, but there are no rules in 2020 – live your best groom or engaged life!


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