Mini Flows Class Towel – Inner Thighs Focus

This class of mini towel flow uses the same structure as the resistance band flux class mini I shared last month. Instead of a resistance band, however, we’ll be using a towel as a prop between our thighs and as a slider. The focus of this class will be the inner thighs, with work for our glutes and obliques as well.

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Mini Flows Class Towel – Inner Thighs


  • Tea towel – We will use it as an accessory between our thighs AND as a slider. You can use a small pillow or a Pilates ball instead. For the sliding part, you can use a cardboard plate or a magazine cover if you are on carpet.

In this class, we start with a quick warm-up focused on mobility. We then move on to our mini flow workout. The best way to describe this structure is to imagine a Pilates mat class. We basically take a small sequence of this class and turn it into a circuit.

Each of the three mini streams is a short sequence (1h30 – 3 minutes). You will do it twice on the right and then twice on the left. You rest for 15 seconds between completed sequences and 30 seconds between sides. We will start on the mat and end up standing.

Between each of the different streams, you have about a minute to recover, but pause the video and take more time if necessary. Always listen to your body, changing or stopping as needed.

We end the class with a cool-down and guided stretches.

Mini Flows Class Towel (45 Mins) - Inner Thighs Focus |  In this low impact workout, we will be mixing bodyweight exercises with sliding towel exercises.  The emphasis will be on the inside of the thighs, with work for the glutes and obliques as well.  #innerthighsworkout #adductorworkout #homeworkout

Training distribution

02:24 Warm-up and mobility

07:16 Workout with mini-towels

Flow 1 – Bridge Series, towel / accessory

  • (30 sec) Tighten on the accessory
  • (30) Push the hips up and down
  • (15) Extend the leg and hold
  • (15) Impulse on the propeller

Flow 2 – Side Series, body weight

  • (30 sec) Lower leg adduction
  • (30) Both legs together
  • (15) Hold, upper arm to the ceiling
  • (30) Roll back, lower leg adduction
  • (15) leg circles
  • (15) Change the direction of the circles

Flow 3 – Standing pull-out series, towel / slider

  • (45 sec) Slippery Warrior Lunge
  • (30) Hold low, the back knee slides in and out
  • (15) Impulse
  • (30) Squatting Sumo
  • (30) Sumo Squat Pulse with Heels Up
  • (30) Legs together heels up

39:51 Cool down and stretch

xo Nicole

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