Functional Circuits Total Body Class – Low Impact, Weight

This Total Body Class of Functional Circuits is low impact and uses weights (with a mix of bodyweight exercises as well). The 45-minute class includes a guided warm-up and cool-down. Some other classes of functional circuits that I have shared:

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Functional circuits Total body class


  • Set of medium weights, I use 8 pounds
  • Only heavyweight, I use 20 pounds

In this class, we start with a guided warm-up, focusing on mobility and dynamic movement. We then move on to our functional circuit work. In each of the three circuits, you will perform four exercises, back to back, for 30 seconds each. You then rest for 30 seconds before repeating. So that’s 2 minutes of work, 30 seconds of rest.

In circuits 2 and 3 we will do one-sided work, so we will finish 4 sets of circuits, alternating right and left. In circuit 1 we will complete 3 sets.

Between tours, you have about a minute to recover, but pause the video and take more time if necessary. Always listen to your body, changing or stopping as needed.

We end the class with a guided recovery and stretching.

Functional Circuits Total Body Class (45 minutes) - Low impact, weight |  In this 45-minute functional circuits class, we'll go through three circuits of strength and bodyweight exercises.  Full video available for free on YouTube and includes a guided warm-up and cool-down.  #lowimpactworkout #homeworkout #workoutvideo #fitness

Training distribution

1:30 am Warm-up and mobility

09:38 Functional circuit training

Circuit 1, midweights

  • Rotating bicep curls
  • Hammer Curls with Split – Squat Step
  • Crouch thrust with external rotation at the bottom
  • Shoulder press, Shaper, up press

Circuit 2, heavy truck

  • Offset DL – SL DL
  • Slot line x2 – Pulse x2
  • Lizard to Low Squat to Knee Drive (bodyweight)
  • SL DL with arm reach (body weight)

Circuit 3, single average weight

  • Seated boat to balance
  • Shoulder press for boat laying – Twist
  • Side Plank Rotation – Upper Knee Crunch (Bodyweight)
  • Forearm Plank Knee Pads

41:58 Cool down and stretch

xo Nicole

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