Snoop Dogg packing a punch as boss of new boxing league The Fight Club

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Snoop Dogg teams up with the brains behind Mike Tyson’s comeback fight to create a new boxing league.

Rapper and Triller co-owner Ryan Kavanaugh is working on The Fight Club, which will see Snoop living his dream as a play-by-play boxing announcer.

News of the company comes days after Snoop wowed boxing fans with his call to the game during the Mike Tyson / Roy Jones, Jr. fight in Los Angeles on Saturday.

“We’re changing the whole game,” Snoop says. “Boxing will never be the same again and the public now expects a new standard. Fight Club is that standard. “

Kavanaugh said TMZ Wednesday, “It was the first event in a league that we called The Fight Club. It’s a league owned by Proxima, which is the parent company of Triller and Snoop, and it was the first of many events. The general idea is that we want to change the way boxing is done. It’s gonna be big.

Kavanaugh reveals that another top boxing match is in development, adding, “I can tell you the main fight… is going to be something everyone wants to see. If you thought (Tyson’s match) was big, I think it would be even bigger from a global appetite standpoint and something people want to see. “

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