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As I drive
about at this holiday season and see all of the displays of Light and enjoy the
smells of Cedar, Cinnamon, and Ginger, I am reminded of what an amazing sensory world we
live in.  In the rush of our daily lives,
I feel we often take our five senses for granted until some event triggers a
memory or an acknowledgement.
While we
have five physical senses, we’ve also a sixth sense that may or may not be well
developed. Sight is a miracle for those blessed with sightedness. Our
eyes are the windows to the world.  They
can afford us an unparalleled vision of beauty or expose us to the worst visions
of humanity.  I’ve chosen to see or seek
beauty in this elder passage of my life. 
If I should have negativity or worry descend, I direct my focus to
beauty.  And, beauty is all around us if
we just look beyond the limiting vision of our living boxes. I believe beauty
is the portal to the soul.
Hearing the sounds of a beautiful symphony,
lullaby or Gregorian chant can trigger a splash of positive endorphins and oxytocin
hormones being released in our oft stressed systems. We hold so many memories
of the music of our generation.  Music can
also be cacophony and grate on our peace.  Science is now learning that even the planets
and stars have a sound. Sound can open doors to new worlds, if we are willing
to listen. Folks with clairaudience have fine tuned the sounds to understand
messages from beyond our normal range of listening.
So vital to newborns under all circumstances and a needed commodity
throughout life. The Puritan, WASP, influence in the early founding of what we
call America, led to less touch than is desirable.  As our melting pot of a country has brought
peoples of all cultures, we see more touch demonstrated in some than
others.  Lack of touch can lead to
depression. Kinds of touch in our environment speaks volumes to our mental
states: soft, soothing, harsh, rugged, etc. Touch is ultimately about
connection. The more, and better quality hugs we receive, the more we feel our
existence is affirmed and valued.
Smell, and all the memories associated with
it, may be carried from childhood through our adulthood.  The scent of our familiar family has a long-lasting
impact on our later connection with people who enter our lives.  We do not all smell alike. Mother’s bond with
their newly born infants through smell-they smell like the mother. Scents can
enhance our natural smell or repulse others. 
Scent sensitivities are growing as natural ones are replaced with
chemicals. Even our mental outlook can be impacted by smell.  Surrounding our homes with scents that speak
to us in a most positive way, can be uplifting.
Taste, and our culinary preferences, have
evolved into an entire smorgasbord of foodie industries. We equate taste with
other aspects of life also.  We might say
an interaction left a bad taste in our mouths. 
Conversely, we exclaim, “Yum!” at a great experience or culinary
delight. Another expression of taste is with a value judgment-good taste or
poor taste in friendships, home décor, etc. 
When our taste buds are keenly developed in all aspects of life, we tend
to be more open to the new and untried. 
of our Sixth Sense can open a whole world beyond the material. I believe
that all of us have the capacity to open that 3rd Eye.  Much of our early conditioning impacts whether
we’ll allow that awakening. When we trust that there is indeed more than what
seems to be through our illusions of permanence, a wondrous world of
possibility invites our tenancy. With the opening we have a foot in both
Years ago, I
read in a Reader’s Digest article that listed the true capacity of our five
physical senses. An example of this is:
a small candle flame from 30 miles away on a clear, dark night.” Other examples
spoke to the other senses.  Our crowded
cities with overload on our natural senses have dulled most of them.  Isn’t it time to reclaim this sensory world?
In wide open spaces, in nature, away from the proverbial madding crowd, we may
discover a world of wonder.
I encourage us all to not depend on
seasons or holidays to reawaken our senses. 
Choose now to value them, activate them, and experience one of the true
joys of having a human body. Add a color to your décor.  Try some new music. Add a new spice to food. Find
a pleasant natural aromatherapy oil to diffuse in your living room and bedroom.
Choose a new fabric in your clothing or furniture. Experience more of life!
And, if you trust yourself, do something to wake up your sixth sense!  And remember, love is the poetry of the
(Honore de Balzac)

“Nothing can cure the soul but the senses, just as nothing can cure the senses but the soul.” Oscar Wilde

“There are four Powers: memory and intellect, desire and covetousness.  The first two are mental and the others sensual.  The three senses: sight, hearing, and smell cannot well be prevented; touch and taste not at all.” Leonardo da Vinci

“Man has no Body distinct from his Soul; for that called Body is a portion of Soul discerned by the five senses, the chief inlets of Soul in this age.” William Blake

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