10 simple ideas to throw the best party online

Have you ever attended a zoom party? They can be boring at times, but with these simple tips, you can spice up your zoom night.

I recently had a zoom party with over 70 people in attendance and it was the talk about the city, I mean my circle. What was really great about this party was that we had people from all over Australia (despite the time difference), UK, Ghana and more. A zoom party is a great way to stay connected and even after we’ve gotten rid of covid, I suspect zoom parties are here to stay.

How to start planning the zoom party

Like any other party, planning is mandatory and with a free account you can accommodate up to 100 people. For our group, we actually used a work account, so you can have someone in your group who has it and is willing to let you all use their account.

With the free account you have limited time and attendees, but you can upgrade with a fee of $ 14.99 per month for up to 24 hours (hope your party won’t be that long). What’s really great is that your guest doesn’t need an account, they can just click on the invite link you sent and you can join from any device they want. be it a mobile phone, desktop or even a laptop. so it is very convenient.

Top 10 Tips for the Best Zoom Night

Plan your party

The first is to pick a date and time for your zoom party at a time, give your guests plenty of time to plan so they don’t get double booked, especially during the end of the year. Once you have a date, let the planning begin.

Create invitation

It’s time to create this invitation and there are several options for you to do so. You can use free electronic cards, Canvas and a variety of other programs to do so. Don’t forget to include the party link in the message. And a reminder to your guest as the day approaches. You can tell your guest to confirm your attendance in order to have a complement of those who come.

Plan an agenda

Start with a tentative plan of what you want this party to look like. I wanted games, speeches (Memory Lane since we all went to high school together), music by a DJ to play at the start and end. We also had a comedian (you don’t need to if money is a problem) also an MC for the event who was one of the attendees. We had a slideshow of the band members (this was all done before the party).

You can also line up speeches (but make sure it’s timed) as some people love to talk.

Additionally, I created a PowerPoint slide so that participants always watch something and know where they are in the process. Finally, we had a silly prize to give out to everyone. We had a lot of prizes to win and they were simple items donated by some of the participants.

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Mute all participants

This is an absolutely important step. Mute all participants, otherwise there will be too much interference and people can wake up at any time to contribute. The host has the option to mute everyone.

Manage the event

Before the event, be sure to test drive with the DJ, slides, videos and more. On the day of the event, make sure you are logged in early so that you can resolve any technical issues. The best way to manage attendees is to use your desktop or laptop computer. If you’re taking a quiz, your guest can type answers into the chat box. If you do a survey, there are programs like mentee that will be beneficial in making this go smoothly.

Get entertainment

Depending on your desire, you can hire companies specializing in zoom parties. Plus, you can hire entertainers for the event, including comedians, DJs, and more. Check Out These Suppliers For An Online Party With Thousands Of Suppliers Across The Globe online seller.

Can you serve food?

Why not? If you are all in the same area, you can have food delivered to everyone, but you don’t have to. It can add to the fun.

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Game ideas

There are so many game ideas, from quizzes to online versions of cards, charades, Pictionary with screen sharing.


You can offer activities such as painting and more particularly for a children’s party. My daughter threw a party and the host had sent painting supplies to everyone attending the party prior to the event. The kids had a great time, it was a great addition to the fun.

Plan gifts before the party

If it’s a baby shower or bridal shower, you can schedule the arrival of gifts before the event. And so during events, gifts can be opened in real time in front of everyone. For showers, you can add decor to spice up your party. Here are more tips for planning best shower party.

So no matter what you celebrate this quarantine season, don’t let the pandemic ruin things for you. You can always get your friends and family together to celebrate. You don’t even need a reason to celebrate to throw a wonderful zoom party anytime.

So what are you waiting for? Start planning.

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