Strength + Plyo training pyramid (45 min class)

Happy New Year friends! Hey, it can’t be worse than 2020, right ?? * cross fingers and toes, pray silently, cry * Today I have a bodybuilding and plyo class for you. It mixes strength exercises using dumbbells and bodyweight plyo exercises. Each time in the circuit, the length of the interval shortens in a pyramidal structure.

And you know the exercise! If you want more courses like this, they are available for Patreon Members. 🙂

Force + Plyo training class


  • Set of medium weights (I alternate between a set of 10 lbs and 8 lbs, but “medium” can be between 5 and 20 lbs depending on the person)

In this class, we start with a guided warm-up, focusing on mobility and dynamic movement to generate heat. We then move on to our strength and our plyo pyramids. In each of the two pyramids, you will perform five exercises. The first time through the five exercises, you do them for 60 seconds each. Then only 45 seconds each. Then 30 seconds each.

You get 15 seconds of rest / transition time between each exercise. Between the pyramids you have about a minute to recover, but pause the video and take more time if necessary. Always listen to your body, changing or stopping as needed.

We end the class with a guided recovery and stretching.

There are (minimal) jumps throughout the class. Low impact changes will be shown on the screen if you want the workout to remain low impact.

Strength + Plyo Workout Pyramid (45 min class) - This workout class combines weight lifting exercises with dumbbells and bodyweight plyometrics exercises.  Pyramid structure so that the intervals get shorter as you go!  The full free video includes warm-up and cool-down.  #plyoworkout #strengthworkout #plyometric #workoutvideo #fitness

Training distribution

01:33 Warm-up and mobility

10:03 am Strength training + Plyo Pyramid

Pyramid 1

  • Rev Fly, Row Kickback
  • R / L height increase, R / L bear plank row
  • Inchworm Push Up to Squat Jump
  • Curtsy Lunge, Knee, Squat
  • SL Hop Skater

Pyramid 2

  • Shoulder sweep, press, shaper
  • Press Jacks x2 Lunge Press R / L
  • (RIGHT) Torso Twist, Squat Step
  • (LEFT)
  • Tick ​​Tock Lunges, Lunge Jump

41:55 Cool down and stretch

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