Shoulder mobility (22 min class)

Let’s show our shoulders some love with this 22 minute shoulder mobility workout class. This is great for everyone, but especially if you spend more time sitting at a desk or if you feel tense and stiff in your upper body. Maybe try it as a lunchtime break from work!

You can also use it as a warm up / first half of an upper body strength training workout. Just skip the static stretch at the end if you do.

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Shoulder mobility training course


  • A tea towel or yoga strap (if you are really tight in the shoulders, a yoga strap may be better for the extra length)

This 22-minute mobility flow focuses on the shoulders. You will notice that the mobility of the thoracic spine, the strengthening of the back and the opening of the chest are an integral part of this shoulder mobility work. We will continuously go through the shoulder mobility exercises, holding only one static stretch at the end.

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Shoulder Mobility (22 min class) - Take a tea towel or yoga strap for this shoulder mobility workout class.  Full free video available on YouTube.  #mobility #mobility #twoexercises

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