7 unique and perfect ideas for parents with small children to do at home

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. We have barely started the New Year and there is so much going on, but don’t let that wash away this special day.

As a parent, it’s hard to get your “love” because you’re so busy running and your days are filled with endless chores.


However, you cannot forget yourself because one day the children will grow old and leave. Guess what? You are stuck with your spouse and hope you still love each other. Many people think that the grass is always greener on the other side, but the grass is only green when watered. No matter how busy you are, try to find time for your partner.

It’s time for creative parents. Check out these perfect ideas for parents with young children.

Let’s go straight there, okay?

Order a meal delivery service and cook together

Dating ideas for busy parents

If you are a foodie like me, this may be your first choice. What could be more romantic than cooking together, then eating together and cleaning up together? Maybe not the cleaning part.

However, there are several options for a cook date. Not only do you have the opportunity to cook and eat, but you have also learned a new dish. I recently tried Hello fresh and I really enjoyed the food. A friend sent me a coupon. There are several more, so check them out.

If you don’t want to buy for meal delivery, head to your local grocery store and google a fancy romantic recipe that you and your spouse can try at home.

“Date Day” instead of Date Night ideas

Who said dates have to be night? A date during the day may be a better option if you have kids who are in school. You can watch an afternoon movie or even go to the park. So much that you can do during the day. And you save on childcare costs.

With children, you have to be very creative and think outside the box.

Virtual date with your best couple friends

Dating ideas for busy parents

Are you looking for a good idea for a romantic evening? What better way to spend time with your close friends by getting together with them and their loved ones, but virtually. Another activity is a DIY painting and wine class and you know what? You can do this via virtual. Plan ahead and prepare your paintings, canvases, etc.

Thinking of having a virtually Valentine’s Day party, then take a look amazing tips for planning a virtual party or getting together.

Spa for couples

As a busy parent, your bones and muscles are definitely in need of care. why not create a spa with your better half and enjoy a pleasant couples massage at home. The theme is relaxation for the day.

You can plan a DIY SPA date at home.

Home cinema night

If you don’t feel like going out, put on something sexy and watch your favorite movies with your partner. Light your fireplace and snuggle up. Don’t forget to pop some popcorn. What happens next is just a bonus. Date night doesn’t have to be expensive, it can be simple with a lot of fun.

And don’t forget to add your favorite dessert to the mix.

A weekend getaway

Date day ideas for busy couple

Plan a nice weekend getaway, it could be in the next town or even in the city. It doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Just an excuse to get away from it all and have a good time with the love of your life.

Another fun activity if you are a wine lover, you can take a tour of a winery during your getaway.

Give love coupons

Unique date idea for couples

Another creative way is to create love coupons. Be as creative as you can and it could be something like breakfast in bed, chores, couples massage, weekends, or many hot and scorching nights. You can do just about anything.

Remember to include expiration dates on coupons. You can actually order these coupons, or if you are very creative, go for DIY.

At the end of the day, do something you’ve never done before and make it great fun for you and your significant other.

dating ideas for couples

Tell us: Even if you are busy, what activities are you trying to do with your spouse?

** Updated January 11, 2021

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