Lower Body Strength Circuit Training Class

This class of lower body strength circuits requires a single heavyweight (a dumbbell or kettlebell will work) and an optional resistance band loop. The class lasts 45 minutes and, as always, includes a guided warm-up and cool-down. No jumping, and easy to modify (just go lighter with the weight). It’s a great for everyone!

If you like classes, I have an upper body version that will be available at Patreon this week.

Lower body strength circuit class


  • Single heavyweight (I use a 20lb dumbbell)
  • (optional) resistance band loop

In this class, we start with a guided warm-up. It will focus primarily on mobility, mixing dynamic movements to create warmth. We then move on to our circuit work. We are going to complete two different circuits.

In Circuit 1, you will do four exercises; in circuit 2 you will perform five exercises. You do them for 45 seconds each, with 10 seconds of rest / transition time in between. You then rest for 30 seconds before repeating the circuit.

You will perform four sets of Circuit 1 (twice to the right, twice to the left) and three sets of Circuit 2.

Between the two circuits you have a minute to recover, but pause the video and take more time if necessary. Always listen to your body, changing or stopping as needed.

We end the class with a guided recovery and stretching.

Lower Body Strength Circuit Training Class - You will need a single heavyweight and optional resistance band for this 45-minute lower body strength circuit class.  Full video for free!  #lowerbodyworkout #legdayworkout #strengthtraining

Training distribution

01:44 Warm-up and mobility

08:49 Circuit training

Circuit 1, band around the thighs

  • Hip bridge (one heel lifted)
  • Modified side plank, upper knee abductions
  • Squat Pulse x2, press
  • SL Deadlift (staggered, hovering)

Circuit 2

  • Sumo Squat, Push Offs x4
  • Back Lunge Knee Drive, Squat
  • Curtsy Lunge Knee Drive, Squat
  • Squat Clean x2 Get Up
  • (body weight) Bear Plank Knee Taps

41:04 Cool down and stretch

Hope you enjoy this lower body strength class! All of my lower body workouts can be found organized here.

xo Nicole

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