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Lockdown is really a bit shitty isn’t it. Now we are in the third round and the weather is a little gloomy, I am definitely starting to miss little bits of my old life. I really missed visiting car boot stores and charity shops, going to London for riverside walks, and going for tea and cake at National Trust properties because these are the things I loved to do for myself. Collecting vintage clothes is one of my biggest hobbies and I’ve always loved looking for the perfect pieces for me. While I love to shop for vintage clothes in person, the internet puts the whole world at their fingertips when it comes to buying vintage, so while we can’t buy things in person, there is a lot to find online.

I must admit that I sat in my pajamas at home for several days helping the children with their schoolwork and with my work. But on the days that I woke up, took a shower, and put on something cozy but fabulous from my vintage collection, I felt a little more ready for the day. Dressing for myself makes me feel good. So, if you feel like you don’t need to treat yourself just because you can’t go anywhere, remember that not only will it be all over, but in the meantime you can still do some nice things for yourself, if your budget needs it. allows. .

Buying Vintage Online During Lockdown

Really, if you want to get your vintage fix while on lockdown, the internet is your only hope! Buying vintage online is a great way to support small businesses and make more eco-friendly fashion choices and get something really unique to wear (at home).


Definitely still one of the best places to find a great vintage, Ebay worth a visit for sure. With the two “ buy now ” options, instant buy, and auction style listings for those of us hoping for a bargain, you can certainly find a fabulous vintage. Make sure you read the listing carefully and ask the seller any questions you may have before purchasing. Navigating Ebay can be quite difficult as the listings aren’t always accurate and you often get a lot of modern and reproduction clothing mixed with real vintage, but it’s definitely worth sifting through to find the best items and narrow your down. search options to be specific enough.


I’m such a big fan of Depop, its simple formulas are very user-friendly and I find the application so easy to navigate. If you’ve never used it before, Depop is a lot like Ebay meets Instagram in the way it’s presented. Perfect for scrolling through a plethora of gorgeous fashion. You’ll find a HUGE selection of clothes here, from people throwing their quick fashion purchases for a bargain, to some of the best retro clothes online. Prices vary wildly, I bought a gorgeous 50s dress for as little as £ 15 and also spotted some gorgeous 70s Indian cotton dresses for hundreds. There is definitely something for all tastes and budgets. Just be sure to read the descriptions correctly, as many sellers prefer you to message before buying.


I really like Etsy, that’s why I chose it as the platform to run My store of. The listings tend to be very specific, and there aren’t a lot of new clothes tucked away in vintage. Because there are so many full-time vintage merchants, with a tremendous wealth of knowledge and a wonderful range of vintage to match, here you will find absolutely stunning vintage clothing. Expect to pay a bit more on Etsy as the fees for sellers are usually higher, but remember that you support small businesses and right now it’s a great thing to do. As an Etsy seller myself I spend so much time in my shop and I put love into what I do and when people buy from my shop it is literally putting food on the table and keep my bills paid. So I really enjoy every sale.


There are so many vintage auction groups on Facebook and you can find some truly exceptional pieces. My biggest advice would be to read and pay attention to the specific rules of each sales page. Administrators devote their free time to managing these groups and breaking the rules can lead to drama, you’ve been warned! 🙂 The best way to find bands is to search for them, ask friends who also love vintage if they can add you to bands and see what shows up in the suggestions. I don’t really use Facebook anymore, but when I did I found some of my favorite pieces on sales pages.


There are so many amazing vintage sellers on Instagram and many are selling straight from their pages or giving you a taste of what is going to happen in their stores. I make sure to follow a few favorites to see what they have to offer and I also use hashtags to find what I’m looking for. This is another great way to shop on a small scale and support some fabulous small businesses.

Vendor websites

While there are many fabulous platforms that feature many sellers, there are still many people who are selling from their own websites. My first vintage business was run this way and I absolutely loved it. Make sure to regularly check your favorite vintage websites big and small, and grab the best stuff as they add them.


I wouldn’t necessarily recommend buying at online auctions, as there are a lot of hidden costs involved and vintage is often sold in large lots. However, it’s always worth taking a look at the websites of the various auction houses to see if any vintage clothing is coming. Just be sure to include buyers’ bonuses which are usually around 30% on top of the hammer price and expect to have to organize your own courier to ship the items to you which can often be quite expensive. . Be sure to request full condition reports and plenty of photos before bidding, as these details are often overlooked.

Online charity shops

If you don’t want to do a little good while shopping online, take a look at the Oxfam online store. They update their website daily with lots of fabulous second hand and vintage clothing. Some other charities also have their own eBay stores, so it’s worth doing a little research to see if you can still support your favorite charities, while still stocking your closets!

Hope you found this useful and if you are looking for a nice vintage while on lockdown you will find something good to buy. Feel free to add your own suggestions and link to your favorite sellers in the comments.

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