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There is just something special about receiving a bouquet of flowers, whether they come from a supermarket, a florist, or someone’s backyard.

(Even better if they’re left to you at work, to make everyone jealous!)

Husband sent me a gorgeous bouquet of 21 long-stemmed red roses for my 21st birthday (we had only been going out for a few weeks at this point). I’m sure I blushed until I was the same color as the flowers. I was so happy and proud!

The husband’s flowers when we were courting

Be careful, I never really understood the value of long-stemmed roses. It’s really hard to find a suitable vase, so I usually end up cutting the stems quite short. Sacrilege! (Also, it makes it look like I’m getting flowers all the time when it might be once or twice a year if I’m lucky.)

In fact, Miss 24 gave me a lovely bouquet of flowers for my birthday earlier this month.

But as I began to remove the wrapping and place them in a vase, the husband stopped me.

wrapped flowers

“I know you always remove the paper,” he said. “But I think they look more special if you leave the wrapping!”

Amazing how much we are still learning about each other even after 30 years of marriage! (Does that mean he was offended every time he gave me flowers and I undressed them ?!)

So I left them in their wrappers for a day or two, until I couldn’t take it anymore.

naked flowers

Personally, I think once your flowers are in a vase, they look too crowded if they’re still tied up in the paper, cellophane, and ribbons they arrived in. Even if you fold up the packaging, the flowers – which should be the star attraction! – are partially hidden.

Part of the joy of receiving flowers is the pleasure I take in removing the packaging, trimming the stems, and arranging the flowers according to the container or vase I have chosen.

It reminded me the great debate on fruits and vegetables. Yes, we are not afraid to tackle the difficult issues in this home!

What do you think – do you prefer your bouquets dressed up or nude ?!

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