Mobility of the hip + glutes (25 min class)

I have another mobility course for you! If you missed the last one shoulder focused, check it out HERE. Today we’re going to focus on hip mobility, strengthening the glutes like we do.

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Hip mobility + glute class

We will move from one hip mobility sequence to the next roughly, continuing through the classroom. At the end, however, we’ll be doing some static stretches. If you are using this class as an extended warm-up / start of a longer strength training, I recommend skipping the static holds at the end.

Hip + Glute Mobility (25 min class) - In this flow class we will focus on hip mobility and buttock strengthening.  Full free tracking video included.  #mobility #hipmobility #glutesworkout

Mobility work is so important for a body that is functioning at its best and that remains injury-free. And as you work on mobility, you’ll notice improved performance in your other workouts as well.

xo Nicole

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