Best point of sale systems for retailers in 2021

Small businesses can get more for their investment in better POS systems. Some of the major systems offer units at affordable prices with flat rates for processing many payment methods. This guide covers the most advanced features of Clover Networks systems such as Clover Station point of sale and portable alternatives. See how these systems are changing the way small businesses operate and taking new approaches career in merchant services possible.

All-in-one point of sale systems

Retailers should strongly consider using a single system to process payments and manage operational workflows such as employee scheduling and sales reporting. An all-in-one system with integrated software for managing retail sales and other aspects of store operations can facilitate retail sales and marketing efforts with accessible and easy-to-use employee and customer interfaces .

The best point of sale systems are also compatible with many third-party applications. Clover Networks systems are particularly useful for replacing multiple systems and minimizing initial and ongoing expenses such as software subscriptions and the costs of equipment rental or maintenance. Retail store owners should compare Clover Flex Price the cost of combining systems to achieve a comparable level of inventory and operational management.

Portable point of sale platforms

The Flex hardware includes a portable card reader with support for EMV chips and magnetic stripe scans, as well as a near-field communication reader, barcode scanner, and receipt printer. Clover Networks also offers other portable solutions, such as the Clover Go card reader. This device connects to a smartphone or tablet to process payments.

The layout of a store can determine the best approach to accepting payments on the go. Retailers who want to offer features like online ordering and curbside checkout may find a complete system like the Flex, which has a five-inch HD touchscreen and can deliver up to eight hours. of use with a load.

Comprehensive point of sale services

Businesses with large inventory or checkout needs may prefer having this information accessible on a Clover station or other countertop point-of-sale system. This hardware is intended to replace a cash register, but also includes a built-in camera and customer display options to allow more uses. The Clover Mini and Flex also feature card and NFC readers, integrated cameras, and receipt printers.

Whichever POS system you use, you should look for an option that has next-gen features like NFC payment support, text or email receiving options, and options to create corporate mailing lists and support retail business marketing and promotions. A cloud-based dashboard with up-to-date sales reports is available for any Clover Networks system, from Go Attachment to Flex, Mobile, Mini and Station.

A Clover Networks point of sale system such as the Countertop Station or the Portable Flex can be an affordable solution for a small business owner. Payment processing is a growing industry as more businesses look for ways to accept whatever payment method customers prefer. It’s hard to beat the affordable device and service costs, low transaction fees, built-in operational management features, and customization capabilities of these next-generation point-of-sale systems.

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