6 steps to defend your own health

Sometimes when we’re not feeling good we don’t always think about what’s best for us, we just want to feel better. And as all baby boomers are now reaching the point in their lives where we’re all going to have health issues that might arise, you better be prepared and aware while you’re healthy enough to understand why you need to be an advocate. . for your health.

After this last year of so many health crises not only in the United States but around the world, we must all learn to stand up for our health and the health of those we love. Feeling neglected or ignored is something we’ve all felt this year, so it’s important that we all find ways to track our health and don’t be afraid to ask for help when we need it. !

Suffering from many chronic illnesses from a young age and helping not only my husband but also a healthcare mentor and life coach for many others in my life, I discovered early on that sometimes … most of the time … the doctor in today’s world don’t have time to follow up without the help of their staff and the staff are so overwhelmed you might be forgotten, or as my 85-year-old mom says, “I’m just a number,” frustrated and lonely, but we try to keep track of all of her appointments, medications and changes that are affecting her health, both physical and emotional, and we make sure to take these notes with us doctors every time.

Steps to Becoming a Self-Care Advocate

  • Prioritize your own goals: Be proactive and decide what is important; Can you live independently? Can you travel? Spending time with the family? Live without drugs? Tell your doctors and ask how and if you can tailor your treatments to meet your goals.
  • Keep a list and dates of your medications and treatments: Keep an up-to-date list of all of your medications, including vitamins or herbal supplements, and any other medications to take to your medical appointments. Review the handout if you are discussing a new treatment with your healthcare provider and ask if there are any potential interactions. You can consult with a pharmacist or the doctor who prescribed an existing treatment to further discuss how other medications may interact with your current routine. It’s up to you to defend your interests!
  • Get all the information you can: Don’t be afraid or worry about the questions. How will my diagnosis affect my daily life? What is a good exercise routine? Are there educational materials that you can read? Write down the questions (and answers) so you can refer to them later. Think about; and try to bring a friend or family member who can help you remember all the details, the information can be overwhelming and it’s natural to miss something. 4 ears are better than 2!
  • Speak if something is wrong: Tell your doctor at once if a treatment does not seem to be working or is causing problems. Also, say so if your treatment plan is too complicated to manage, or not a plan that you are willing to follow !. Your doctor can help you find ways to improve your efficiency. It’s your health and your life… Don’t be afraid!
  • Look for a lawyer, you are worth it: If you don’t think you can be your own lawyer, ask a friend, family member, or possibly a doctor – probably your primary care doctor or a specialist you see, to keep keep an eye on the big picture and help you coordinate your care with all the doctors you see. Keep in mind that in today’s world the medical community is extremely busy, so relying on doctors may not be as effective as you are. expect!
  • Do not be afraid: As you can see, in most of these cases the fear or being afraid to speak is the first thing you need to get out of your head. Doctors are not mind readers, they only hear what you say and if you have a discerning doctor who takes awhile to look at you from his computer, he might just see that there might be something something wrong. Biggest Complain I Heard Over The Years “My Doctor Is NOT Listening!” If you are ready and your questions are ready they will listen to you, the worst thing you can say is “Internet says …” Give the doctor a chance to use the schooling he paid all that money for, do him know you need it… Because you do !!

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