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By Tim Birkmeyer

Good morning all! I wanted to share with you some of my personal rules for sports betting as it will help you on days when I might not provide you with some of my choices. Some of these may seem obvious to you, but it’s always nice to be assured of your own guidelines when it comes to sports betting. You don’t have to follow these rules, but please take them into account on your next sports bet!


This is one of the first rules in sports betting. You are already so invested in your team and encourage yourself to save a lot of time, so why invest your portfolio as well? The last thing you want is your team to lose and you lose money. Now, is it okay to bet something like an over, a team total or a player prop? Of course, I do that sometimes. That’s good, you can earn points or a player for doing well. Especially (in a world) where you go to live play in person, definitely bet on something to cheer aside from winning your team. I would also stay away from putting your team in a bet or teaser UNLESS you are 100% sure your team will win / cover. For example: my Ravens were both (+1) against the Colts last season, so I took advantage of a teaser to bring us to (+7) because no way we would lose (if at all) that much against Phil Rivières. Again, you are already so invested in your team to win the game, why add more anxiety and frustration if it doesn’t go well?


I know what you are thinking. “There is NO WAY the Packers lose after teasing from (-3) to (+3).” Yeah, I’ve been there a few times too, and 9 out of 10 times they lose and the teaser fails. That’s the point of the teasers, they’re supposed to look really good. The best way to approach teasers, in my eyes, is to bring teams from (-8) to (-2) or (+8) to (+14), regardless of the number of points for sports. respective ones you bet on. It’s like buying free points, because the payouts for the teasers are really good. Over / Unders are also something for teasers, which I will do from time to time, but point differences are more of a factor in spreads than over or under.


Speaking of Over / Unders, it’s rare that you find me betting an under. Why? Because who wants to root for no score? Why would anyone want to watch a game and think “Let’s have a 13-10 defensive battle!”? Especially since we don’t bet on our own teams, what does that matter? Let’s see the 45-40 shootout with insane stats (especially for fantastic ends too), see two basketball teams do almost every hit and see a 135-130 OT thriller, see home after home, goal after goal. But make sure that when you bet an over it’s justified. Do your research and make sure it is valid. You’ve seen my posts, you know I’m giving you some statistics on their recent score. I will bet a sub, on occasion, if the line seems wrong or odd to me. For example: a few weeks ago, I saw the Oilers and Maple Leafs at 6.5 goals. In their previous 5 games, there were less than 6 goals in each of them. As soon as I put it on it went up to 6 goals and the game was 4-2, so thank goodness I had that extra half-goal.


This one is a little fun. When you place a bet, back it and defend yourself with all the stats that made you place the bet. Then no matter how bad he is during the game, defend your bet. “All we need is for them to score a td, get the two points, get the kick in play and complete the Hail Mary.” Or “Okay, just do those three, make them miss the free throws, make three more, steal the ball and score again.” This is what you should say even in the last few seconds if you lose it. Always believe, because once in a blue moon it will happen and you will be so happy that you won this bet.


This is probably the most important rule for any type of sports betting, gambling, etc: KNOW YOUR LIMITS. You need to know when to stop. Never be that person you see in TV shows or movies who lost $ 50,000 (especially if it’s to Tony Soprano) because they just couldn’t stop playing and losing. Now everyone is different financially and every budget for things like this is different, but just know when to stop. Always have a point where you stop (down $ 50, $ 500, $ 5,000, etc.) and STOP until it gets paid. If you’re right there I’ll allow a “Hail Mary Parlay” as I call it where you put 6-8 legs of a paray together to win it all back, but if (more so, when) he loses, STOP. Also, don’t hesitate to call 1-800-GAMBLER if you think you have a gambling problem, or if one is forming. I know my posts are fun and I try to be fun, but it’s something I take seriously. If you don’t want to call, but need to talk to someone, my DMs are always open!

These five rules are just a few of the rules I follow when placing my sports bets, and I hope you will follow some, if not all, of them. We are all here to win together, but we will also lose together from time to time. Even some of the sports betting experts lose, so consider that too. If you liked it, let us know in the comments! I am more than happy to provide another article with other rules. Good bet!

By Tim Birkmeyer

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