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I chronicled Sophie and Her Squash’s Journey on my Instagram Stories, but never shared the (tragic) ending. When I was sharing I got many messages saying how this is the best thing on the internet and how many people love this sweet love story of a girl and her squash. So tender. So innocent. So it’s clear that I needed it to live here on the old blog. For the sake of prosperity. Here it is, the story of Sophie’s squash.

(The idea of ​​having a pet squash in the first place was born this book, aptly titled Sophie’s Squash, one of his favorites). 😉

Here is our Sophie’s Squash story.

Zack went to the grocery store and got 2 spaghetti squash. Sophie saw them and immediately asked if she could have one, so she could be like the girl in her book and have her own pet squash. Of course, Zack gave him the squash (he has a heart, after all!) And a marker to draw a face on said squash.

Sophie was delighted. Pure. Joy… having a pet squash. She called it Squashy. She took him everywhere.

She took him for walks around the neighborhood, and when she saw a neighbor, she yelled at them across the street, “Hey! I have a squash! and was greeted with a puzzled look, followed by a smile and “Oh that’s wonderful!” and conscious glances towards me. 😉

She put it in her doll stroller.

She put him on the swing in the backyard.

She even slept with him at night, nestled safely next to her in her bed.

And then, day 2. No more walks. More time spent together. And then it happened. “The Incident” as it will be called forever in this house.

“The crack”

She dropped the squash to the ground and a devastating crack surfaced in the side. Many tears followed. Real genuine tears streaming down her face. Sadly, “I broke it.” And that was the end of Squashy.

Real tears.

We explained to her that squash are vegetables and don’t last forever. That even without that fatal blow, it came with an expiration date. She was really, really sad, saying she missed her squash and was heartbroken that he was gone. And Zack and I did our best to validate her feelings, we left her sad and cry and also comforted her. And we tried really (really) hard not to laugh while doing that.

I mean, it’s a squash, after all.

(We didn’t, don’t worry. Not in front of her).

And that’s the story of Sophie’s squash. God rests his soul.

In addition, we have decided to no longer use food as pets. We’re going to stick with fake food and stuffed animals. It seems like a safer bet.


ps To this day, every time a squash is mentioned, she says how much she misses her friend Squashy. Isn’t your heart broken, just a little bit ?! Ughhhh.

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