Bullies Steal Your Dignity – TRANSFORMATIVE

Have you ever faced a bully? It is a frightening experience with long lasting harmful effects for the goal of a bully is to steal your dignity.

In this video, I share my experience with bullies. My elder brother found me crying my heart out under a lilac bush; he lifted me out of the dirt into a place of dignity and safety.

I chose this experience for a writing assignment and was amazed at the lessons the Lord taught me as I wrote and spent time with Him.

If you know Christ as your Saviour, then Zechariah 2:8 is relevant to you. It says of God, “he who touches you touches the apple of His eye.” Jesus, as Elder Brother, has provided you a position – moving you out of darkness into the light – above all evil, all bullies, all abuse. Because you are In Christ, God has seated you in heavenly places and given you authority to stand in dignity, under His protective care.

As you listen to the video you will be encouraged to stand strong in the power of our Beloved Lord’s might.

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