College Basketball Gambling Guide – 02.20 –

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By Tim Birkmeyer

With the football over I’m sure all of your attention has been turned to college basketball. Why? Because March is fast approaching! Yes, get rid of your “it’s been a year” and get excited for March Madness. Sure, you might be watching the NBA or the NHL, but they’re going into the depths of summer to end their seasons, so college basketball all comes down to Nitty Gritty (remember that?). Let’s take a look at the table.

For once, there is a Saturday when the midday games are pretty bland, and I don’t feel bad that I missed a good game. There are ranked teams playing, but nothing that I wouldn’t really bet on today. Outside of the midday slate, there aren’t too many big clashes (thanks Duke), but there are still a few games to play. And, with March Madness just around the corner, we MUST start looking at the Mid-Majors to see who might upset a few teams when it comes to the parenthesis. So as always, I’m going to provide you with five (5) games in today’s games: 2 from the big boys, 2 from the little guys and everyone’s favorite Pac-12 After Dark Parlay! Here are today’s coins:

* Note / Disclaimer: I am no gaming genius. Please make my choices carefully and bet responsibly. Also, these are lines from the day before, so they may be a little different. *


Do you remember Press Virginia? Yeah, neither have I because this team is scoring like crazy lately, just like Texas. And good news: These two teams played a 72-70 game at Morgantown a month ago, so we’re basically there and just need 5 more points to push it through. So, what will bring us these 5-6 points that we must not lose? Well, Texas are averaging 74.8 points per game in their last 7 (since last meeting with WVU) and that includes a 2OT effort of 67 points and an effort of (pretty) 69 points. West Virginia in that same period, also 7 games, is averaging 82.3 points per game, which also includes a very nice points game. Plus, these teams flaunt those numbers shooting from less than 45% of the field so I’m pretty good it’s going to hit, and it will be a great game to watch!

VIRGINIA (-2) to DUKE (-107)

Good news for Duke fans: The Yankees Pitchers and Catchers have paid off and the Lakers are well positioned to repeat themselves as NBA champions. Bad news for Duke fans: Your squad is not as good this year and your best player has just retired, and Coach K will likely step down from March Madness to avoid embarrassment. For Virginia, they are 10-8-1 ATS and suffered a brutal loss to Florida State the other night where they gave up 81 points. Look for their defense to adjust, lower and kick Duke while they’re down and should easily win by more than one score.


Welcome to the “What Vegas Knows We Don’t Know?” Take the day! Just last night, the Norse of Norther Kentucky defeated the Raiders of Wright State by winning by 6 points, and the two are back tonight in a HUGE Horizon League clash. If Northern Kentucky wins, they’ll be guaranteed a 3-seeded in the conference tournament with a lot of confidence to clinch No. 1 back-to-back, but can they come back one after the other? I don’t know if they will win, but they will cover. Think about it, for them not to cover would be a 14.5 point swing. Against teams in the upper half of the conference, Wright State is playing some pretty tight games and they blast the lower half of the conference (as it should). It’s Elders Night, so let’s show some respect to our old Norsemen.


Your site might not have an ML because it’s so close, but the current spread is (-1) which is just as good of a game especially if you like the best odds of (-107). But it’s a MUST WIN for the Bison. These two teams are tied for the top of the Summit League standings with South Dakota. Last night the Jackrabbits pulled out with a 68-67 win, and the Bison finished the season against South Dakota, so they really need to win tonight to fight for that No.1 spot at the time of the conference tournament. Do it for Carson Wentz!

PAC-12 AFTER A DARK PARLAY: OREGON ML, UCLA (-7.5) and CAL / WASH O139.5 (+350)

We have the best of three worlds in this parlay: an ML, a spread and an over. Let’s start with the obvious, Oregon is winning this game. The Ducks are HOT right now (and Hot is loosely defined, they’ve squeaked a few wins in their last two) and Utah is on a small slide right now. Also, we put that same coin in play on January 9, and it hit, so let’s keep going. In the same context as the one that struck, UCLA has spread, so let’s keep going! The last time these two teams played, UCLA won on the road in OT by 6 points, and now the Bruins have improved and at home tonight. Plus, their last three games are against Utah (first half), Colorado (4th) and USC (1st), so this is a game they need to win big to solidify a top 2, potentially. No. 1 in Pac- Tournament 12. And for California and Washington both teams are so bad, you MUST root for the top in this one, and that’s all I really have to say about this game. .

And that will do it for this week’s College Basketball Game Guide! What are your choices? Do you want to ride with me or melt my games? Do you have a LOCK for today? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter and let’s have fun, bet responsibly and make money!

By Tim Birkmeyer

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