Why It’s Important to Check NBA Team Lineups When Betting

If you read our NBA Odds Guide, you know there are a lot of things that need to be taken into account when planning an NBA bet. You have to think about the form, the importance of the game and the advantage on the court. But one of the most important considerations, and one of the most overlooked, is the composition of the team.

NBA rosters not only have a huge impact on a game’s potential outcome, but they also affect the movement of the odds. This is true for all sports, but basketball rosters are the most important of all, and you should check them as close to the prognosis as possible.

After all, a single injury could validate or destroy your bet.

Why injuries matter

A successful team is a tight-knit unit that does not rely on a single player. This is true for most sports, and few self-respecting coaches would tell their team that this is only one player and that they should pass them as much as possible.

But that’s right in theory, because in practice teams often depend on their star players, and nowhere is that truer than basketball.

The Chicago Bulls team of the 1980s and 1990s were one of the best of a generation, but would they have been just as unstoppable without Michael Jordan?

Probably not.

There are only 5 players on the pitch at any given time and the lack of a common number can have a huge impact on the success of the team.

It is not just a question of skills. The absence of a key player changes a lot. This team practiced routines and tactics based on this player. If they are absent, these routines and tactics are redundant.

In addition, if they have played an important role in the team, their absence will be felt both mentally and physically.

Imagine how confident you would feel if you had the MVP on your team. The best player in the league is still one death away – that’s going to do a lot for your confidence. Take that player off, and that confidence wanes, doubts creep in and that can have an extremely damaging effect on the team.

If you bet on a team to win big and they suddenly lose their main goal scorer, the outcome will likely be very different. Of course, injuries can work in your favor as well. If you bet big on Team A to win and beat the point spread and Team B suddenly loses their top defensive player, you’ll be pretty happy with the outcome. And the good news is that the bet (and the outcome) should hold, although it’s now safer!

Wait for the queues

To limit the risk of your bet being destroyed by injury, you should always check the lineups of NBA teams before placing your bet.

Fortunately, these are posted quite early – around noon Eastern Time and late afternoon Central European Time. You can find everything NBA rosters here. We get them quickly so you have time to study them and prepare for your bet. Of course, even these NBA rosters aren’t a guarantee, and anything can happen as the game draws near. It’s rare, but players can be injured during the pre-match warm-up, in which case there will be a last minute change in rosters. There’s nothing you can do about it, however. This is just one of the many luck-based outcomes that you can hope to fall in your favor.

Will my bet be invalidated by injury?

If you bet on Team A to score more than 80 points and they lose their top point scorer, you could be forgiven for thinking that your bet should be void and your stake refunded.

Unfortunately, this is not how it works and the bet will continue. This is true whether you are betting on more or less. This is also true if you bet on Team B to win and Team A loses a few of its star players.

However, there are exceptions.

First, if you bet on a player to score a certain number of points or obtain certain distinctions, and they are injured, the bet should be void. This only applies if the player is injured before the start of the game and not if he is injured during it.

Second, there may be exceptions if multiple players are injured and the match is postponed / canceled or has a significant impact on the result.

In both cases, it depends on the general conditions of the bookmaker.

If you are unsure, check these terms and conditions or ask support staff.


If you still have a few questions about NBA team rosters and basketball rosters in general, check out the following FAQs:

Will the odds change if a schedule changes?

The odds will likely change with any last minute roster changes. Any teams that lose their star players will likely see their Moneyline and Point Spread odds drop, with the odds shifting slightly in favor of their opponents.

These changes will happen in the pre-game and in-game markets.

Will my chances change?

Let’s say you bet on Team A to score at least 80 points during the game and get odds of -150. Before the tip-off, Team A loses its top point scorer and the odds for that result drop dramatically to +150. Unfortunately, your odds won’t change suddenly and while new players may benefit from higher odds, you are stuck with lower ones that you have already secured. It also works both ways. Your odds won’t go down just because the market has changed. If you place a bet and it is confirmed, you will hold these odds until the game is over and the bet is settled.

Do injuries only affect the NBA rosters?

NBA rosters may remain the same from game to game, but they can also change multiple times a week. They change because players need a rest or have minor issues that the coach wants to watch out for. The team may also want to try new players and test them against weakened opposition. Alternatively, they may think that certain players would perform better against certain opponents.

This is why it is important to keep an eye on the rosters of the NBA teams!

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