Chicago Bears – Best Number One Pick for Every Team in NFL Draft History

The Bears have one of the longest draft histories in the NFL given that they are also one of the oldest teams. As of 1936, Chicago has yet to find a replacement franchise quarterback for the legendary Sid Luckman. There have been tons of QBs along the way, but none have reached the level of an elite quarterback. Current signal caller, Mitch Trubisky, has been around since he was drafted as the second overall pick in 2018. The other quarterbacks drafted by Chicago have not reached the level that others Teams seen with their stars were Rex Grossman, Cade McNown, Jim Harbaugh, Jim McMahon, Johnny Lujack and Bobby Layne who would play with the Detroit Lions instead. With that said, who are the top first-round picks for the Bears? How about Dick Butkus for beginners in 1965? Just one of the greatest, meanest linebackers of all time. That same year, the Bears drafted the great Gale Sayers. Brian Urlacher, a first round in 2000 was considered one of the best linebackers of his time. There have been average players along the way before and after, but for sure that discussion would be limited to Butkus or Sayers and since the late Sayers saw his career cut short due to injuries, I think the blink of an eye was eye goes to Butkus.

Honorable mentions: Dan Hampton (1979), Jimbo Covert (1983), Willie Gault (1983)

Harv Aronson

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