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What a strange year this has been for everyone, but when you have health issues it can be even more difficult because every time you have to have surgery or surgery you have to be tested for COVID, I was tested 5 times, 4 times for surgery and once for possible contact, I really tried to stay positive and grateful but some days it was hard!

My surgeries were all on my eyes, each eye had vitrectomy and cataract ablation which was supposed to be easier than vitrectomies, but I end up having bleeding and extremely slow healing including not be able to drive, read and even write.

But sometimes the hardest part was not being able to access my phone or laptop to connect with text or social media … it was really hard especially during the pandemic, the loneliness and the fact of knowing that my blog was losing readers was not something I had thought about, and so of course my eyes are so important to me, especially if I have MS and damage to my optic nerve!

Now that I have complained about the bad things, both emotionally and physically, that I was going through, staying positive was the hardest part of it all, and even though I started with my mantra of gratitude every day, the only thing that kept coming back was …

My eyes would be healthier and heal if I did as I was told, hard to do for someone who always wants to do things ‘my way’, but I did, and I still have problems. eye pain, vision loss to some and also having many doctors for different eye surgeries, it seems every doctor knows how to blame the problems I have had on “the other doctor or the surgery”. Leaving me frustrated and unsure of the medical field and how patients who don’t to defend oneself might really feel lost and not know what to do next!

The main reason I wanted to share this, I tried to follow my blog and post weekly articles, but unfortunately this month has been one of the worst months for my eyes, I have had dates. you canceled and left without perscriptions for eye drops to maintain swelling due to Covid and “period” I was unable to enter for more than a month and my vision is deteriorating!

Please take the time to read my eye stories and understand the importance of our own eye health and take the time to realize that although some people do not believe in what is happening in the medical field , it’s real and patients are struggling. and doctors have their hands tied to follow the CDC rules, and patients have no choice but to abide by them and do their best to get the help they need!

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Hope to be back soon with weekly blog posts, I will finally have a date at the end of March! But I can’t wait to post a few more articles before! Thanks for your support and understanding!


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