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The one universal obsession that people seem to deal with their entire lives is their identity in relationship to time and space.  It is so subtle that you really don’t know what I am referring to.

Think back to your childhood.  Remember that desire to be older so that you could have access to all the wonders of life?  What child do you know who doesn’t want to be older?  Even small children want to be big like daddy or mommy.

Then, without realizing that its happening, one day we are looking backwards and wishing we were younger again.  We spend half of our life wishing we were older and the other half wishing we were younger.  What if this didn’t have to be an absolute?  What if we could change this narrative for ourselves and the world?

Think about the life cycle of a cell.  Cells live about seven years.  The cells do not age.  They just wear out.  Instead of thinking of cells as these little digits of life, get a sense of their expansiveness.  Each cell is a dynamic sovereign being of consciousness.  It is only a foot soldier to the body in the limited psyche of the mainframe of the body.

Cells of the body have tail like strands.  These are called telomeres.  The more people age, the shorter the telomeres on their cells become.  Or, people age because the telomeres of their cells are shorter.  Perhaps cells need to replenish their telomeres outside the confines of time and space.  Perhaps we are more responsible for our own aging that realized simply by never venturing out of the confines of time and space for our cells to feed.

There is a way to interrupt the crux that time has put on us.  It is merely to drop out of time.  It doesn’t seem to be possible but there are hints of it.  Have you ever met a person that is really old on paper but have kept that glint in their eyes and adventuresome spirit?  They have naturally figured out how to do it.  It is simple; and the more this practice is done, the more that an individual can escape the ravages of time and space.

The secret is to simply opt out of being fixated on time as much as possible.  Being tethered to a clock is a relatively new practice that is aging people.   A moment is not measured in time for a reason.  A moment is not registered on the clock. A moment is a form of letting the bottom drop out on time and freefall into an expanded infinite world of possibilities.  The more muscle memory a person accrues in freefalling out of time and suspending themselves in the wonderful abyss beyond time, the less time will wear and tear on their physical body.


Readers might like to experience the SFT taps for themselves …

Say each statement three times while tapping on the top of your head, a fourth time while tapping on your chest, and a fifth time while tapping on your abdomen.


We release being tethered to time and space; in all moments

We release the aging of our cells; in all moments

We free our cells from the confines of time and space; in all moments

We release starving out our cells; in all moments

We feed our cells; in all moments

We release degenerating in the past; in all moments

We release degenerating in thoughts of the future; in all moments

We release the belief that degeneration is inevitable; in all moments

We lengthen the telomeres of our healthy cells; in all moments

We remove all programming and conditioning to age; in all moments

We release aging out of habit; in all moments

We release associating time spent on earth with degeneration; in all moments

We shift our paradigm from degeneration to regeneration; in all moments

We transcend to the possibility of perpetual regeneration; in all moments

We resonate, emanate and are interconnected to all life in the regeneration process of the moment; in all moments

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